Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile appears for some users on the Play Store


  • There’s been plenty of buzz surrounding Activision’s latest cross-platform release
  • While the game is accessible to select users in Australia, gamers in India may have to wait longer
  • Activision has set a March 2023 launch date for COD: Warzone Mobile

One of the most popular cross-platform battle royale games out there, Call of Duty: Warzone is in the process of receiving an official mobile port, with developer Activision teasing the launch of the title earlier this year. The early version of COD: Warzone Mobile is officially underway as of this week, at least for Android, starting with Australia.

This can be likened to a beta release and it will likely be available to a limited number of users. So don’t get your hopes up to try out the game yourself anytime soon. Meanwhile, the official release of the mobile title will only happen by March 2023. The developers will use feedback from early players to refine the game ahead of the big release next year.

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Based on screenshots provided by those who were lucky enough to access the soft launch of COD: Warzone Mobile, the game syncs your progress from the PC and console versions of COD: Warzone. This is a good addition from the players’ perspective, given that they can pick up their progress where they left off on either device.

Activision hasn’t provided information on other markets where this pre-release version will be available. But there are a few gameplay videos already up on the internet, courtesy of gamers in Australia who were part of the testing program. It is important to note that since this is technically a beta release, the game is likely to have some glitches.

Via: 91Mobiles