Here is How You Can Prioritise App Download on iOS 10 Using 3D Touch

Apple loves to add a few tiny bits to a major software release and let the customers discover them and find that excitement of user delight. While Apple spoke at great length about what was new with iOS 10 and how it was a radical jump from iOS 9, they purposely left what is a crucial new add-on to the App Store. No, we are not talking about the redesign but about how you can now control the downloads right from your springboard.


You can actually pause an app download, cancel it ever, or even prioritize an app download or update if you cannot wait to use it. This is a really useful feature because so far Apple would download or update the apps in a chronological order and you could do absolutely nothing about it. However, with iOS 10, if for example, Sanpchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram are on for a simultaneous update, and you absolutely must use Telegram, you can simply prioritize for it to be downloaded first.


The way you can do this is if you use 3D Touch on any app that is being downloaded, you will get a contextually relevant set of options that you can make use of. If you have several app downloads going on simultaneously, you will be able to prioritise one over the while, if you have say, just one app being downloaded, you can pause the download only to resume it later or even cancel it without having to wait to uninstall it.

These are really sweet features on iOS 10 and only hand over more control to the users, something that Apple loyalists have been asking Apple for, for a while now.

Arpit Verma

When not admiring flying metallic birds and the science behind them, Arpit is seen scribbling with his keyboard, voicing an opinion or two about personal technology. He is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s Plus as his mobile devices.

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