You Can Purchase Refurbished as Well as Used Phones From Amazon India

Amazon India has flirted with the idea of stocking used and refurbished devices for a while now. You must have noticed a listing stating that it was a refurbished unit earlier on the site too. It looks like Amazon had been testing the waters with used and refurbished phones and is now ready to go big on the same. According to a release that has been sent out to the media and partners like Pricebaba, Amazon has now a dedicated store for both used as well as refurbished smartphones. So if you are looking to get a backup phone or even a primary phone but do not want to shell out for its cost when brand new, this will come in really handy.


Refurbished smartphones are next best to brand new devices as these have underone thorough manufacturer check and QC and are packed in the original box with all the accessories. What’s even better is that refurbished phones sold on Amazon will come with six months warranty from the manufacturer, so that in case something goes wrong you can always send the phone back. Used phones on the other hand may or mayy not carry a warranty from the seller. Amazon will grade the used phones in three categories: Like-new, Good and Acceptable so that you know the sort of unit you are picking up.


You can visit the Amazon store for Refurbished and Used phone here if you are planning to pick them up here. You may want to be mindful that crrently there are not a lot of options available, though these will obvioulsy increase as the stores pick up and Amazon adds more sellers to the portal.

Arpit Verma

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    • September 16, 2016


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