Casio launches G-Shock 2100 series digital analogue watches with water resistance up to 200m in India


  • Casio has introduced the G-Shock 2100 series digital analogue watches in India
  • The G-Shock 2100 series comes with features such as water resistance up to 200m, double LED backlight and more
  • The series has a starting price of Rs 9,125

Casio has unveiled its latest lineup of G-Shock watches with the 2100 series of digital analogue smartwatches. It was introduced during the ‘Rise Above the Shock’ campaign, celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary and was worn by Cricketer Shubham Gill. Let us take a look at the features, price and availability of the G-Shock 2100 series. 

G-Shock 2100 series: FeaturesG-Shock 2100 series

G-Shock’s 2100 series features digital analogue watches with an octagonal bezel and a slim construction, measuring 11.8mm from bezel to case back. The watches incorporate materials, such as carbon core guards and resin bands, to create a durable chassis. The watch boasts water resistance up to 200m and a battery life of up to 3 years. It features double LED lighting to ensure clear visibility in bright environments and a hand shift feature that moves the watch hands out of the way to display digital content. It comes with various utility features such as a stopwatch, an advanced timer, alarms, a mute option and more. 

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G-Shock 2100 series: Price and Availability

The G-Shock 2100 series features various watches with a starting price of Rs 9,195. The 2100 series is available for purchase from G-Shock’s E-store, other E-commerce websites and partner retail stores.