Caught Out OTT Release Date: ‘Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket’ is streaming now on Netflix


  • Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket, the sports documentary film, will be available digitally on Netflix
  • As of March 17, 2023, it has started streaming
  • It explores the corruption that clouded the cricket world in 2000

Cricket is a sport that is watched with keen interest around the world. Even though cricket is not India’s national sport, it is immensely popular. Men, women, kids, and grownups— everyone included—keep track of the game in the subcontinent. In present times, not just the Men in Blue but the Women in Blue are also making the country proud. Often referred to as the gentleman’s game, cricket is meant to be unscripted. In the year 2000, dark clouds loomed over the spirit of the game, and all hell broke loose when details of ODI match-fixing involving Indian and foreign players came to light. A well-established streamer is bringing to its OTT table a full-length documentary film, Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket, unravelling the biggest match-fixing scandal that hit the global cricketing world. Read along to learn more details.

Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket: Where and When to Stream It Digitally

The documentary Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket is now streaming on Netflix. It was scheduled to premiere on the OTT platform on March 17, 2023.  The one-hour and seventeen-minute documentary is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu audio formats.

Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket Official Trailer

Netflix India shared the official trailer of Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket on March 9, 2023. So far, it has received 405,240 views. The number of views is increasing by the minute. The description gives an insight into the documentary. It reads, “Indian investigators blow the lid on the biggest match-fixing scandal to rock the world of international cricket.”

Caught Out: Crime, Corruption, Cricket: About the Documentary

The sports documentary examines India’s dark hour in cricket. The biggest match-fixing scandal, with cricketing icons covered in its web, is probed. And also the journalists who uncovered the corruption by blowing the lid off. Supriya Sobti Gupta is the director of Caught Out. It delves into the fixing controversy that shook the cricket community two decades ago.

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The trailer contains footage of the media coverage, the announcement of a CBI inquiry by the then Sports Minister, and clippings of South African cricketer Hansie Cronje, who was one of the accused. The infamous scandal started when a call between Hansie Cronje and Sanjeev Chawla was intercepted. Mohammad Azharuddin was found to have been involved in the match-fixing scandal, reportedly. On further investigation, names of players having connections with the bookies also emerged.

The streamer’s Instagram caption for the documentary is as follows:

The unravelling of the biggest match-fixing scandal to hit the global cricketing world 👀😤
Time to sharpen the willow and swing into the dark side of the country’s most loved sport!
Streaming on 17th March! 🗓️

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