Change Is Refreshing – Adding Delhi NCR, Pune and 55444

If you have been regular to PriceBaba since our launch in May, you would have noticed several changes that we tested in the past few months. Today, we are happy to announce an all new version of PriceBaba. Since the original launch, we have literally made dozens of changes every week, fixed endless bugs that were pointed out by eagle-eyed users and added new features, some that you can see, others that works as a silent layer in the background.


Before we move on to what’s new at PriceBaba, we want to thank the Innoz team for their support in brining PriceBaba to 55444. We have known the Innoz team since before 55444 was born and PriceBaba made its first appearance. We are super excited about the opportunity we have with Innoz to add value to offline users. It completely aligns with our goal of providing intelligence to offline shoppers.

Users across India can use SMS #PriceBaba to 55444 and access the information we currently provide over the web. Users in Mumbai and Delhi have additional options to search for shop locations around them

Given the depth of SMS in India, we find this an incredibly powerful medium. As we learn more about user behavior over text, we shall continue to add new features and cities to our SMS app.

And now, here is a quick glance at three prominent changes we have made to our platform:


All New Responsive Design

While one of our top priorities was making mobile friendly, we couldn’t put enough resources to manage two separate versions of the site. We took some good advice coming our way and started playing with Responsive Web Design frameworks soon after the initial launch. This lets us build one single site that works on almost all screen sizes, be it desktops / laptops / tablets or a mobile phone.

Don’t believe us? Just head to any product page on PriceBaba and try resizing your browser window manually.

PriceBaba Home  Web

PriceBaba Home Mobile RWD

PriceBaba Product Page Mobile

    PriceBaba Product Page Web


We have geo tagged hundreds of store locations verified by PriceBaba and while what you see is a regular search box to lookup locations, under the hood there is a smart geocoder looking up your requested location, plotting it on a map and displaying relevant results. The more you use it, the better it gets 🙂

Magical Search

We are extremely proud of what our team has accomplished given the resources we play with. The search box is the single most important navigation tool on PriceBaba. As of today, we have enabled a new search algorithm that tried to understand what you meant, instead of what you input. So go ahead and make those typos, ‘Nokai’ instead of Nokia or ‘Blackkberry’ instead of Blackberry, PriceBaba understands what you meant!

Adding New Cities – Delhi NCR & Pune


Today we are also rolling out PriceBaba for Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon and Pune. This takes the total number of stores live on the site to over 350. We have had numerous attempts by people outside Mumbai to search for stores in their vicinity and we couldn’t wait any longer to start adding new cities. We have taken the first step to this effect by adding Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida. Rest assured, we aren’t stopping there.

Each of these stores have gone 2 levels of verification, some of them through 3. While we add new stores, we continue to improve our depth in existing stores and areas (over 30% of stores that we verify are rejected). We have improved our data and added several new stores across Mumbai in the past few months.

 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

PriceBaba launched with a vision to better connect local retailers with the digital world. Each passing day as we interact to local retailers and look at user feedback, our commitment to make a difference in this space gets a boost. There is plenty on our to-do list and we have geared up for a hectic Diwali season.

We shall continue to rollout updates, bug fixes and new features to the platform. To us, what we are building next always seems lot more exciting than what we already out there. Your feedback helps us know how well we are doing and what we should focus on. Do keep it flowing!




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