Driving Licence Status: How to check driving licence status online via mParivahan App, Website and more

So, you have applied for a driving licence (DL) or looking for a renewal of an existing driving license? Or perhaps you have applied for a learner’s licence and want to track the progress and know the tentative day for its receipt. All the related answers – and some more – are available to you at a click.

Now, let us address different issues as have been mentioned. You may already have a DL, where you may want to know the details or the status of your renewal application. In that case, it’s a simple process online. To know the status of your current driving licence just follow the steps mentioned below:

How to check updates on your current Driving License or renewal


  • Go to the website
  • Fill in the current driving licence number and your date of birth in DD-MM-YYYY format. You will also have to fill in the verification code or captcha
  • Click on “Check Status”

Things to note while entering your Driving License number

  • The total number of characters should be 16
  • This includes either a dash or hyphen (i.e., “-“) or a space
  • In case of a driving licence issued earlier with a different format, please enter the number in the following format: SS-RRYYYYNNNNNNN /or/ SSRR<space>YYYYNNNNNNN (both with 16 characters)
  • SS stands for the two characters for State Code (like DL for Delhi, RJ for Rajasthan, TN for Tamil Nadu, etc.)
  • RR represents the two-digit RTO Code
  • YYYY is for the year of issue in four digits (i.e., 1998 instead of 98, 2022 instead of 22, and so on)
  • NNNNNNN represents the rest of the numbers as mentioned in your current DL. If it is less than seven digits, then zeros (0) to make the total number seven
  • If your DL number says RJ-13/DLC/12/123456, then you have it as either RJ-1320120123456 or RJ13 20120123456

How to check the status of all Driving License via the website


  • Open the website
  • On the dashboard offering services, click on “Drivers/ Learners License”
  • A new page will open now 
  • Select the concerned state from the list on the page
  • On the menu, go to “Apply Online”
  • Click on “Application Status”
  • Now enter the application number, Date of Birth, and the Captcha
  • Click “Submit”
  • Your DL status application status will reflect on the page that now opens

How to check all Driving License status on the mParivahan App

National Informatics Centre’s (NIC) mParivahan is a mobile application that allows easy access to several data linked to transportation services. It includes a driving licence, registration certificates, paying taxes, challans, and access to emergency services.

How to set up a mParivahan account

Before downloading the app, ensure that it is from NIC. Now go through the following steps

  • Select the option “Menu”
  • Tap on “Sign in”
  • “Sign up” using your mobile number and following the instructions
  • Check the “Terms and Conditions”
  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP) to verify the mobile number
  • Enter this OTP as per the instructions

Your mParivahan account is now active. Once you have registered, you may use the app by entering the registered phone number

You can now use the app to check your driving licence status.


  • Open the mParivahan app
  • Fill in the driving licence number
  • You can now view the status of your driving licence application

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1. How much time does it take for Driving License to get delivered to your home?

Depending on your state/Union Territory, a Driving License may take four to six weeks to be delivered to your registered address. There may be a delay depending on verification procedures or the postal service. Please start checking updates after about two weeks of your application being duly submitted and/or your driving test (if required). It is advisable to check your Driving License status once or twice a week and not every day

2. What should you do in case there are no updates on the website

In case there are no updates even after two-three weeks, please get in touch with the RTO

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