Check out Toyota’s futuristic bZ electric SUV Concept


  • Toyota didn’t provide a launch date for this EV concept
  • The company plans to offer at least five cars under the bZ moniker
  • Toyota is also bundling a “personal agent” for the EV known as Yui

Toyota may have been late to enter the EV market, but it has some big ambitions for the future. Keeping this in mind, the Japanese automaker unveiled a new SUV concept, known simply as the bZ Compact SYV Concept. As EV fans would remember, the bZ branding was first used with the company’s bZ4X electric crossover, which had a controversial start in the industry.

The bZ (Beyond Zero) Concept was shown off by Toyota at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week. While the company didn’t say when this concept would make it to production, Toyota said that it would launch a total of 30 EVs over the next several years, while five of them would feature the bZ branding.

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“We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the Beyond Zero moniker. With an aerodynamic design coupled with intuitive tech features never before seen in a Toyota model, the bZ Concept showcases another possible vision of the very near future with our battery electric vehicles,” said David Christ, Vice President and General Manager at Toyota Group.

This bZ concept EV also includes a smart “personal agent” dubbed Yui, which Toyota says can interact with rear and front passengers. Yui can reportedly respond to user queries by leveraging the interior lights and sound system. The company also debuted the 2023 Prius hybrid earlier this week, so it’s been quite a busy week for the company.

Toyota also shared concept photos of the interiors of the bZ concept, revealing a futuristic-looking setup, accompanied by a uniquely designed steering wheel and instrument cluster. Expectedly, the concept image also includes a large infotainment screen, suitable for navigation or even watching movies.

Source: Toyota/PRNewswire