CIF number in SBI: How to check SBI CIF number online or via SMS, helpline number, and more

The State Bank of India, also known as SBI, is one of the oldest banks in India. Established in 1955, it has crores of customers in the country.  For personal or commercial banking, SBI is the bank of choice for most Indians. You will find this number printed on the passbook on the first page of the chequebook for SBI customers.

What is CIF Number, and Why is it important?


CIF is an acronym for customer information file, which refers to the person’s data that banks use to run their accounts. It is an 11-digit number used to pull up data such as photos,  address proof,  loan amounts,  account information, and KYC data. You will find this number printed on the passbook or the first page of the chequebook for SBI customers. CIF is a vital part of keeping track of all the customers across all bank branches. The CIF number is unique for every customer and includes important personal details like KYC, transaction history, and other identification information.

This is important to avoid any clashes or fraud between customers. It’s also vital for maintaining customer privacy concerning their bank details and personal information.

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How to Check SBI CIF number from SBI internet banking

One of the simplest ways to find your CIF number is through net banking. You don’t have to leave your house to obtain this information.

CIF Number in SBI Using Website

  • Go to netbanking here.
  • Go to “my account” > ”profile.”
  • Pick “account summary” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Select ‘View Nomination and PAN”
  • Your CIF number will be visible on the screen.

How to Check the SBI CIF number from SBI Yono Lite App

How to Find CIF Number in SBI With YONO App


  • Open the app
  • Log in using your account information
  • Tap on services
  • Select account nomination on the next screen
  • Change the account type to a transaction account
  • CIF number will be reflected in the account statement

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How to Check the CIF number in SBI via SMS

You cannot directly check your CIF number through SMS.  You have to register your email ID with the bank.  You can submit an e-statement request through SMS.  On this e-statement will be given your CIF number.

How to Check SBI CIF number in Chequebook

Cheque Book-The first page of your chequebook will contain your CIF number.

How to know SBI CIF number by calling Customer Care

For those who don’t know, your CIF number is a code used to identify you as a customer of the State Bank of India. You can easily obtain your CIF number by calling the SBI customer care helpline. Once you’re connected with an executive, they may ask you for some additional details to verify your identity. After verifying your identity, the executive will be able to provide you with your CIF number.

The SBI customer care helpline can be reached at 1800112211 or 18004253800.

How to Find the CIF Number of your SBI Account via Visiting Branch

Branch visit- Visit your nearest SBI Branch to find out your CIF number. You may be asked for some details by the banking executive before you are given your CIF number.

How to Check SBI CIF number via passbook

Check SBI CIF number via passbook

Passbook -Your CIF number is given on the bank passbook. Look at the bottom of the first page of your passbook to locate your CIF number.


1. If I open another account in the same SBI Bank, will a new CIF be created for the new account?

The answer is No. Multiple saving bank accounts can be opened under the same CIF number. Hence a new CIF number will not be created for the new account.

2. Is IFSC code same as CIF?

No IFSC is different from a CIF number. Your CIF number is used to pull out information about your account, whereas the IFSC code gives out information Bank Branch.

3. What are the features of a CIF number?

The CIF number is a unique identifier that includes personal details, address proof, transaction history, account types, balances, loans, etc. It is safe and confidential and is only shared with the bank and its personnel. This number is used to get account holder information during transactions or for loan sanctioning.