Classy Captions for Instagram: 150+ Elegant Classy Captions and Quotes for Boys and Girls

Instagram is a highly popular social network. What began as a photo sharing app has today morphed into a multi-format content sharing platform, which people use daily to entertain themselves and put out content about themselves and their lives. Everyone today has an Instagram account. Naturally, if you post regularly on Instagram, you must have a caption for your photos. The best and classiest Instagram captions are short, sweet and get the message across. Given below are the 150+ Short and Best Classy Captions and Quotes for Instagram

150+ Short and Best Classy Captions and Quotes for Instagram

90+ Best Classy Status and Captions | SSQ

Classy Instagram captions reflect your profile to look more polished and professional. It can help you to get more followers and to stand out from the crowd. Choosing the right quote or caption can help to make your posts more engaging and interesting.

 Classy Captions for Instagram for Girls

731 Best Instagram Captions for Girls to Copy - Paste (2023)

  1. I am a queen. 
  2. Queen here. 
  3. Classy a.f.
  4. Too classy for you. 
  5. Classy, not here to play games. 
  6. Classy, sassy and a little bad-assey. 
  7. The best version of me is pending. 
  8. Born with it. 
  9. Acts like summer, walks like rain. 
  10. Queen time. 
  11. Queen 24×7. 
  12. Here to slay. 
  13. Here to slay, here to stay. 
  14. Chin-up, princess. 
  15. Papa’s princess. 
  16. Classy princess
  17. Classy queen. 
  18. Sorry for the honesty
  19. Don’t mess with me. 
  20. Too classy for the game. 

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Classy Instagram Captions for Boys

759+ [BEST Collection] Instagram Captions for Boys

  1. I am a king. 
  2. King here. 
  3. King time. 
  4. Too classy to play. 
  5. Classy boy. 
  6. Classy man. 
  7. King time. 
  8. King 24×7. 
  9. Classy prince. 
  10. I decide the vibe. 
  11. Warrior, not a worrier. 
  12. Not everyone likes me, but not everyone matters.
  13. Gracing you with my presence. 
  14. Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners. 
  15. 100% Savage 100% Classy 1000% Stylish.
  16. Don’t be easy. ‘People don’t deserve it. 
  17. You don’t deserve me. 
  18. Too classy even for myself.
  19. Something big will happen soon. 
  20. Save your best move till it is time. 

Short Classy Captions for Instagram

140 Classy Captions for Instagram [+ Classy Quotes!] — What's Danny Doing?

  1. 50% sassy, 50% classy. 
  2. Curvy hips, red lips. 
  3. Classy. 
  4. Be the good
  5. Classy and fabulous. 
  6. Life is a mirror. 
  7. Smile and win
  8. Smile everyday. 
  9. Don’t forget to smile. 
  10. Life is better if you smile. 
  11. A little too classy. 
  12. Keep that smile on. 
  13. Life is better when you are smiling. 
  14. Time to play
  15. Playtime. 
  16. Born to stand out. 
  17. Never meant to blend in. 
  18. Does it look like I care? 
  19. Without a care in the world. 
  20. Don’t know, don’t care. 

Best Classy Captions for Instagram

Best Instagram Captions For Your Photos: Step Up Your IG Game - World On A Whim

  1. Smile on. 
  2. Don’t forget, just smile. 
  3. Too classy for everyday life. 
  4. Too classy to be plain
  5. Too classy to be boring. 
  6. Wake-up and make-up
  7. I don’t have to try too hard. 
  8. Queen of my world. 
  9. Queen of my universe. 
  10. King of my world.
  11. King of my universe. 
  12. King of my castle. 
  13. Master of all I survey. 
  14. Master of my kingdom. 
  15. King of my own little kingdom. 
  16. Ruling my own kingdom. 
  17. Wake up, and be a king. 
  18. Be a king 24×7. 
  19. Be a king everyday. 
  20. Be a king, it costs nothing. 

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One Word Classy Instagram Captions

250 One Word Instagram Captions to Use Now - Flick

  1. Motivated. 
  2. Introvert. 
  3. Classy. 
  4. Stylish. 
  5. Diva. 
  6. Style-quotient. 
  7. Forever
  8. XOXO
  9. Rockstar
  10. Swag
  11. Sunkissed.
  12. Glam
  13. Glamorous. 
  14. Incredible 
  15. Legend
  16. Lovely. 
  17. Ambivert. 
  18. Ageless. 
  19. Calm
  20. Sorted. 

Elegant Captions for Instagram

Elegant Instagram Quotes by WebDonut on Envato Elements

  1. Elegant. 
  2. Elegance.
  3. 24×7 elegance. 
  4. Elegant 24×7. 
  5. Elegant queen. 
  6. Elegant king. 
  7. Elegant prince. 
  8. Elegant princess. 
  9. Elegant till I die. 
  10. Elegance personified. 
  11. Class personified. 
  12. Elegant and classy. 
  13. Calm over chaos. 
  14. Elegance over everything. 
  15. A beautiful nightmare. 
  16. Chasing goals, not people. 
  17. Confidence 24×7. 
  18. Beautiful inside and out. 
  19. Gorgeous both outside and inside. 
  20. Elegant and gorgeous. 

Classy Quotes for Instagram

sassy and classy captions for instagram | classy ig captions | classy & savage caption|sassy caption - YouTube


  1. You don’t need a king, queen. 
  2. You don’t need a queen, king. 
  3. Too glam to give a damn.
  4. Always classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy.
  5. Sassy both inside and out. 
  6. Classiness runs in my veins. 
  7. Style runs in my veins. 
  8. Blue blooded. 
  9. Evergreen style. 
  10. Evergreen class. 
  11. No pen, no paper but I still draw attention.
  12. This king doesn’t need a queen. 
  13. This queen doesn’t need a king. 
  14. You don’t need a king to be a queen. 
  15. You don’t need a queen to be a king. 
  16. Life’s short; make sure your heels aren’t.
  17. Life’s too short for boring style. 
  18. Never let anyone treat you like you’re ordinary. 
  19. Classy and fabulous. 
  20. Ambition on fleek.

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Cute Classy Captions

  1. Before anyone else I belong to myself. 
  2. I am not lazy, just in energy saving mode. 
  3. I am lucky to be cute. 
  4. I know I am cute, that’s why I am lucky. 
  5. Cute and lucky. 
  6. Lucky and cute. 
  7. Looking cute is my style. 
  8. Cute looking, good looking. 
  9. Good looks, good looks, good looks. 
  10. Savage attitude with a heart of gold. 
  11. I run on coffee, sarcasm and lipstick. 
  12. I know I am cute. 
  13. Cute girl alert
  14. Cute boy alert. 
  15. Lovebirds.
  16. Soulmates. 
  17. Ageless
  18. Cuteness. 
  19. Once a queen, always a queen. 
  20. Messy bun, having fun. 

Classy Captions for Instagram Selfies

  1. Selfie time. 
  2. Time for a selfie. 
  3. Classy selfie. 
  4. This selfie is too classy. 
  5. Too much class in one photo. 
  6. No guts no glory. 
  7. A real man protects and preserves. 
  8. A real queen doesn’t need to show it. 
  9. This is my classy selfie. 
  10. Selfie time is the best time. 
  11. The best kind of photo is a selfie. 
  12. Many have an idea of me, few get the picture. 
  13. Always classy with a pinch of sass. 
  14. Come, let us take a selfie. 
  15. The best selfies are unplanned. 
  16. Unplanned selfies are the best. 
  17. My selfie is the best. 
  18. My selfie=best selfie. 
  19. Selfie guru. 
  20. Miss Selfie. 

Famous Classy Quotes for Instagram

  1. Hot dude with a cool attitude. 
  2. Be more of you and less of them.
  3. Boys have swag, men have class. 
  4. There’s a time to keep silent and a time to speak.
  5. Girls have an attitude, but ladies have class.
  6. Born to shine. 
  7. Inner beauty needs no filter. 
  8. Naturally beautiful, no filter needed. 
  9. I don’t need a filter. 
  10. A real man protects, provides, and perseveres.
  11. Be the stiletto heels in a room full of flats.
  12. Cinderella never asked for a prince.
  13. A swan in a flock of pigeons. 
  14. Glowing 24×7.
  15. Blessed 24×7. 
  16. Feeling blessed. 
  17. Glowing from within. 
  18. Inner glow. 
  19. My life, my rules. 
  20. Personality swag level-max.