Comment on Instagram posts with a GIF now


  • Instagram plans to add more features to broadcast channels in the near future
  • The feature will soon be available to all users, which is being rolled out in stages

As part of its new feature, Instagram now allows users to comment on stories and posts with GIFs. Whenever a GIF is used to reply, it will be taken from GIPHY. Instagram users can already post GIF-animated stickers to their stories. Additionally, Instagram has added some new features that give users greater control over the app. Among them are the “Quite mode” and the “Not interested” buttons.

GIFs can be replied to by typing a keyword for the GIF they want in the ‘Send Message’ or comment box and tapping the icon that appears. Based on the search phrase, users will be presented with GIFs from GIPHY’s library. Soon, all users will have access to the feature, which is being rolled out in phases.

Fresh Instagram Features 

Quiet mode – You can use quiet mode to work without distractions so that you can focus on your work. As a result, users will be able to focus and set boundaries on the app. When the feature is enabled, users will not receive any notifications until the mode is turned off. In addition, the activity status will be changed to “In quiet mode” and an auto-reply will be sent if someone sends a message. As soon as the timer ends, the app shows a summary of missed notifications. Users can set their own quiet mode hours according to their schedule.

The app will have quite a mode that is open to all users, but teens will be prompted to use it if they are found to be spending a lot of time on the app, especially at night. Users in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be able to use this feature.

Not interested – The Explore page shows users which posts are of interest to them. It is possible to select multiple posts and mark them as not interested in order to hide them. Instagram’s algorithm will try to show fewer of these posts in Explore. In the Privacy settings, users can select the “Hidden Words” section to choose the words, emojis, or hashtags they do not want to appear on their feed.

Kids’ privacy and account settings can now be tracked by parents, and parents will receive notifications whenever their kid changes them. Blocklists of accounts that have been blocked by kids will be available to parents.

Broadcast – The new Broadcast channel feature has been officially launched on Instagram. This will allow them to communicate directly with their followers. With Instant updates, creators can provide their followers with much more information. In the US, the feature is rolling out to a few creators and will gradually expand.