Concept Video Of All New Modernised Nokia 3310 Emerged Online

In a world, where all it take is a little push to crack a phone open, Nokia 3310 is the hero we all deserve, it’s not just a phone, it’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.

Well, enough of Nokia 3310’s praise, but surely no one can deny the ruggedness Nokia provided with this phone. Years before the era of smartphones, screen protectors and back covers, Nokia 3310 was launched in September 2000, replacing its predecessor Nokia 3210. It was one hell of a phone and is also known as one of the most durable phones. Even after more than 16 years of its launch, some people are claiming the phone to usable and working like a charm for them.

Nokia 3310

If you’re also one of them, who grew up seeing the smartphone revolution and a big fan of Nokia brand. Well, you may have already got the good news that HMD Global, the company responsible for manufacturing Nokia branded phones has recently announced that a modernised version of the 3310 would be unveiled at MWC 2017 on 26th February. However, with this announcement, the company is also playing a big gamble by hitting on the Nostalgia and playing with people’s emotions which might also result in a bit of backlash if the product comes out little short of Nokia loyalist’s expectations.

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Ever since this announcement was made public, a number of design renders of the concept Nokia 3310 emerged online. In the above image from CurvedLabs, which was posted years ago, the phone is shown with Windows OS with the big smartphone-like display.

Concept Creator has also uploaded a video with a new design render with same build and shape. It is shown to feature a color display and a camera on the back. However, we can’t confirm the designs yet; we just have to wait till Nokia officially unveil it.

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