Corning Announces Gorilla Glass SR+ For Wearables

If you have used a smartphone and a smartwatch, you will agree that the kind of forces that the two experience are very different. While a phone is prone to an ocassional fall or being scratched on the display, a watch is likely to experience scratches from everyday usage as well as bumps against sharp objects. Therefore, since the two experience very different conditions during their lifetime, they require different protection. This is where Corning is bringing its A game to the table with a new glass especially for the wearables. Corning has announced the Gorilla Glass SR+ for wearable devices.


The Gorilla Glass SR+ is different from the Gorilla Glass 5 that was recently announced. However, GG5 was much criticised as the focus on it was to increase the drop resistance while scratch resistance seems to have been reduced as the Note 7 scratches much easier than devices with Gorilla Glass 4. The Gorilla Glass SR+ has its focus set to, ‘endure bumps, knocks and scrapes wearables encounter’. The glass is capable of delivering up to 70% improvement on the damage resistance against impact and 25% resistance to reflection which would aid outdoor visibility of the wearable device.

The Gorilla Glass SR+ is already commercially available, so you could expect the same to be used by OEMs manufacturing the new wearable devices in later in the year. A strong guess would be that the next Motorola Moto 360, would be one of the device that come with the Gorilla Glass SR+. With Apple Watch using Ion-X Glass or Sapphire glass, the market for the Gorilla Glass SR+ is most likely to remain confined to Android Wear devices and perhaps the smart watches from Samsung. More on the glass can be found here.

Arpit Verma

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