Corning Gorilla Glass Victus announced; comes with 2 metre drop protection and double the scratch resistance

Corning has announced its next-generation Gorilla Glass Victus. The company has dropped the number ‘7’ from its name tag. Gorilla Glass Victus is the successor to Gorilla Glass 6 that debuted way back in 2018. Corning says that it has significantly improved the drop and scratch performance on the Victus. It can survive a two-meter drop and offer double the scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass 6.

Corning also revealed that Samsung will be the first OEM to adopt Gorilla Glass Victus on its phones. Rumours suggest that the South Korean brand’s upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be the first smartphone to come with Gorilla Glass Victus. We should see the Victus in plenty of smartphones and wearables later this year and next year. 

Corning announces Gorilla Glass Victus

Corning demonstrated its Gorilla Glass Victus in a video. In the lab test, it is shown withstanding a 2 metre (6.5 ft) drop on to hard and rough surfaces. To recall, the Gorilla Glass 6 can survive drops from 1.6-meters. Corning says that non-Gorilla glass typically shatters when dropped from less than 0.8 meters.

Victus can also survive 20 one-meter drops on average compared to Gorilla Glass 6’s 15 drops. As for scratch resistance, the Gorilla Glass Victus gets minor scratches with an 8 Newton load, while its previous generations and competitors scratch between 2-4 Newtons. In fact, Corning says that Victus offers double the scratch resistance compared to Gorilla Glass 6.

In a statement, John Bayne, Senior VP, Corning said, “Dropped phones can result in broken phones, but as we developed better glasses, phones survived more drops but also showed more visible scratches, which can impact the usability of devices. Instead of our historic approach of asking our technologists to focus on a single goal – making the glass better for either drop or scratch – we asked them to focus on improving both drop and scratch, and they delivered with Gorilla Glass Victus.”

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