This coronavirus tracker calculates your proximity to the nearest confirmed COVID-19 case

India is currently under a 21-day coronavirus lockdown to help break the chain of transmission. While citizens are permitted to leave their homes to purchase household essentials and for medical reasons, there’s still a chance you might be in the vicinity of someone who has tested positive for the virus. The government has launched an app called Corona Kavach, that will let you know if you are in proximity to an infected person, but it only works on Android as of now. For the rest, there is a crowd-sourced website that serves a similar purpose.

The website claims to use data from Johns Hopkins University and the MOHFW website, along with crowd-sourced verified data. Therefore it might not always be accurate, and we noticed inconsistencies between desktop and mobile usage, with the latter providing more precise results. However, any clarity in the time of a pandemic helps, and here’s how you can check where the nearest coronavirus confirmed case is located. You will need to visit the Coronatracker website and tap on ‘Click Here’ on the top to know your distance from the last confirmed case based on your live location. Do bear in mind that in order for the website to provide this information, you need to provide location access on your smartphone or laptop. The website itself is quite informative and displays the number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered patients, age demography for confirmed cases and state-wise statistics for India. There’s also a section for “Prevention Tips”, which has detailed directives for taking care during the pandemic.

As for the aforementioned Corona Kavach app, individuals are required to provide data on their current health condition and travel history among others to diagnose their health status. This information is used to tag the individual as healthy, quarantined or infected. Kavach app users can then see the status on their phone if they come into close vicinity of a quarantined or infected person. However, this requires citizens to be responsible and an extraordinary amount of cooperation from the population. The concept is to get everyone on the app and honestly declare their health status to the government. Moreover, users will need to turn on the app every time they go out. These are some of the challenges that the official Corona Kavach app might face.

With India’s dense population and limited resources, there’s no telling who might be infected, and Pricebaba advises its readers to stay home and take extreme precautions while going out. In the meanwhile, you might want to check out our picks for the best group video chats and the free apps and services provided by major tech companies.

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