Online COVID bed availability: how to find oxygen, ICU, ventilator beds [city-wise guide]

India’s COVID-19 second wave has created a devastating crisis that the country was not prepared for. The country has reported new record coronavirus cases of over 3,00,000 every day for the last five days. With a rising number of deaths, the entire country is scrambling to control the transmission of the virus. One of the severely impacted resources is healthcare with people struggling to find oxygen cylinders, vacant beds or ICU support.

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Calling the situation dire would be an understatement. In metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the situation is grim and resources inadequate. The authorities failed to prepare themselves for the second wave and now, the entire country is finding itself in the backfoot. However, not everything is lost right now for a country with over a billion people. There has been a resurgent network of crowdsourced data serving as a proxy to data not officially available yet.

How to check availability of vacant hospital beds online?

The state governments and municipal corporations have now created a dedicated portal to access all COVID-19 related information. These portals serve as a gateway to finding information related to availability of beds, oxygen, ICU, ventilators and list of dedicated COVID-19 hospitals. If you or your relative or friends are finding it difficult to find a vacant hospital bed then here is how you can use these dedicated resources to find accurate and useful information.

A makeshift hospital bed created in Mumbai by BMC

Hospital bed availability in Delhi: how to check online

Delhi is currently one of the worst hit states due to the second wave. It is one of the states suffering from lack of oxygen and hospital beds. While the central government is trying to increase oxygen supply to the state, the state government has set up a website to check availability of hospital beds online. In order to check the availability of beds online, people can visit Delhi government’s website

The website offers information such as a list of hospitals along with the total number of beds that are currently vacant in that particular hospital. The information is also further broken down into a list of oxygen beds, ICUs and ventilators available in each hospital. The website also shows the address along with the contact number of these hospitals.

In order to make life easier for people, the website further marks these hospitals using colour code such as Red, Green and Yellow. When a hospital is marked as red, it means that there are no vacant or available beds in that particular. A yellow indication means that the hospital currently has less than 50 beds available. When the hospital has more than 50 beds, the website shows them in green colour.

Hospital bed availability in Gurgaon: how to check online

The authorities in Gurgaon have set up a website to offer critical information to people living in the city. In order to find information about available hospital beds, people can visit Gurugram Covid Combat Companion website. This website shows real-time count of active cases, recovered cases, confirmed cases and deaths in the city. It also shows fixed rates for different tests such as CBNAAT, TrueNat, RT-PCR, rapid antigen, IgG based ELISA antibody test among others.

This will eliminate the exorbitant price being charged by some labs during this second wave. When you visit this website, you can click on the hamburger menu and select the hospital tab to look at the list of COVID-19 dedicated hospitals. The list delivers results in the form of hospital name, number of available oxygen beds, ICU beds, ventilator beds, contact number of the hospital and address.

Hospital bed availability in Haryana: how to check online

While Gurgaon gets its own portal, the residents of Haryana can visit to check for the availability of beds online. The website shows a list of hospitals in each district and you can then find the name of the COVID-19 hospitals. There is also information about availability of oxygen beds, quarantine centres, testing labs, collection centres and more.

Hospital bed availability in Thane: how to check online

The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has launched a website where citizens can check the availability of COVID beds in the city. In order to check the availability, one needs to visit the website: The website offers information about the total capacity, number of beds occupied, number of vacant beds and number of ICU beds available at an hospital. It also has a dedicated button to request for bed with your Aadhaar number and sharing additional information such as symptoms. The website also shows whether a hospital has oxygen and ventilators available in case of an emergency. You will also be able to find the location and contact number on this website.

Hospital bed availability in Mumbai: how to check online

When COVID first wave hit the city last year, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) proactively created a dashboard that showed availability of beds at various hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. However, during the second wave, the authorities have changed their stance and have removed the dashboard from public domain. The information is now available only to limited officials in the city.

Hospital bed availability in Pune: how to check online

In Pune, one can visit the website and check for the availability of beds online. This website also shows emergency contacts like ambulance, PMC control room among others. In order to search for hospital information near your locality, you can use the built-in filter. One can select Pune as district, select the area and hospital name to check the availability of beds near your area.

This website also shows the status of hospitals in Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Solapur. From address, contact number to charges and vacant beds, the website offers a wealth of information. For those looking to find information about medication such as Remdesivir or rapid antigen test centers and plasma availability, you can visit the website

Hospital bed availability in Bengaluru: how to check online

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike has also created a dedicated website to track availability of beds online. The citizens in the city can visit the website to find availability of vacant beds. The portal shows a list of hospitals categorised as Govt medical college, government hospital, private medical colleges, private hospitals, government Covid Care Centers (CCC). When you click on any of the facilities, you will see details of the hospital and medical colleges, number of COVID beds, occupied beds, vacant beds, oxygen beds, ICU beds, general beds and ventilator support.

Alternatively, people in Bengaluru can visit to check availability of beds online. This website also shows a list of hospitals that have ICU beds, oxygen beds, non-oxygen beds, ventilators and more. Furthermore, this website also offers details about plasma availability, which makes it a great resource.

Hospital bed availability in Andhra Pradesh: how to check online

Andhra Pradesh government has also introduced a website that serves a real-time dashboard offering information including availability of vacant beds. The website offers details of vacant beds available in the states of Vijayawada, Guntur, Vizag and others.

This portal not only lists details of vacant beds but also shows a district-wise classification of hospitals. If you visit this website and select Chittoor then you will see the list of hospitals in that district. The portal also offers other information including hospital contact numbers, number of ICU beds, number of oxygen beds, number of general beds and more.

Hospital bed availability in Telangana: how to check online

The Telangana government has also set up a dedicated portal for finding information about vacant beds in the state. The website offers details of the dedicated COVID-19 hospitals in cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nizamabad and others. The citizens can visit to check the availability of beds in these regions.

This portal is backed by government data and shows information of private hospitals in the state as well. You can click on either a government or a private hospital and find information such as the list of hospitals, the number of regular beds, oxygen beds, ICU beds, ventilators and more in each district in the state.

Hospital bed availability in West Bengal: how to check online

The people in West Bengal can also check the availability of hospital beds online using the website The portal offers the status of vacant beds, number of ICU beds, general beds and more in several cities including Kolkata. You can check availability of beds using the present date. Other information on the website including district wise data, name of the private hospital, number of beds and vacant beds.

Hospital bed availability in Tamil Nadu: how to check online

Tamil Nadu government is offering useful information around COVID-19 hospitalisation through website. The website allows users to find beds across various districts and is not limited to cities like Chennai. You will see the total number of COVID-19 beds in a hospital, oxygen beds, non-oxygen beds, ICU beds and ventilators. You will also find the contact number of each hospital and is being updated regularly.

Hospital bed availability in Ahmedabad: how to check online

The people in Ahmedabad can check for the availability of beds online by visiting this website: The portal maintained by Ahmedabad Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association aims to provide valuable information to the people. On this website, you will be able to find information including a list of hospitals, which are updated on a daily basis. This website shows availability of beds, the total number of beds and whether a hospital has oxygen beds or ICUs or ventilator support.

Hospital bed availability in Vadodara: how to check online

Vadodara also has a website where people can track all of your information catering to the COVID-19 crisis. People can visit website and check availability of online beds. The portal also offers distinction for the beds in the form of total COVID-19 beds, ICU beds, beds with Oxygen supply and dedicated beds for those with mild symptoms. You can click on each category to find information about hospitals.

Hospital bed availability in Nagpur and Nashik: how to check online

If you live in Nagpur then you can check for the availability of beds by visiting this website The people in Nashik can visit the website Both the websites provide vital information such as number of oxygen, non-oxygen beds, ICU and ventilator beds available in the district. Nashik relies on a centralised bed reservation system and offers further information including hospital name, hospital category to find vacant bed.

Hospital bed availability in Madhya Pradesh: how to check online

The government of Madhya Pradesh has launched a state portal called for monitoring COVID-19 in the state. The website offers details such as availability of beds in the state. You can select the district and search for bed availability for different hospitals. You will find information such as name of the hospital, address, contact details, number of beds available. The information is also distilled to show the number of available oxygen and non-oxygen beds, ICU and ventilator beds.

Hospital bed availability in Uttar Pradesh: how to check online

In Uttar Pradesh, people can visit the website maintained by Directorate of Medical & Health Services, Uttar Pradesh. The portal allows you to track dedicated COVID-19 hospitals along with their name, address. You can also check the number of available beds, including isolation beds, ICU beds or availability of ventilators.

Hospital bed availability in Rajasthan: how to check online

To check availability of beds in Rajasthan, people can visit the website You can check details of hospitals in various districts, availability of oxygen beds, ventilators, ICU beds, etc. The website also offers a toll-free number of the control room to check for availability of beds in real-time.

Hospital bed availability in Bhopal: how to check online

There is a dedicated portal for residents of Bhopal as well. The individuals can visit to check for the availability of beds online. The website follows the design guidelines adopted by Delhi with its portal. It shows total COVID hospitals at top and then categories into three different categories. The first is availability with more than 10 beds. The second category is all about hospitals where fewer than 10 beds are available. The third category is a list of hospitals where no beds are available. You can also find contact details from this website.

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