CoWIN to block users with 1,000+ searches per day, vaccination slot finder tools impacted

On: June 10, 2021

  • CoWIN will block users performing over 1,000 searches per day
  • Such users will be blocked for a duration of 24 hours
  • The website will also log out users who perform more than 20 searches within 15 minutes

CoWIN will start blocking users who search for vaccine slots over 1,000 times per day and generate more than 50 OTPs within 24 hours. Moreover, the Government of India’s COVID-19 vaccine registration website will also log out users who carry out over 20 search requests within a time period of 15 minutes. It’s clear that that the government is targeting bots and automated slot booking websites or tools rather than average users with the latest move.

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The information comes from a Times of India report citing an official with the portal management team of CoWIN. According to the official, “The idea is to ensure those booking slots manually do not end up competing with bots.” Here’s everything you need to know about the latest development.

CoWIN to block users searching for slots 1,000 times a day

CoWIN website lets users search for vaccine slot and book

CoWIN website lets users search for vaccine slot and book

The TOI report quoted the official saying, “We already have an option of public search for available slots on the portal without the need to log in. Users do not need to search 20 or more times within one or two pin codes or district in a short span of time once logged in. To do so is a violation and raises suspicions of bot activity. Such users are being logged out.”

Automated slot booking websites will be impacted by the latest move, which put those manually searching for slots at a disadvantage. The CoWIN website already lets users search for available slots without having to log in and in order to book slots, users will need to login through OTP verification. To curb automated logging in, CoWIN will now only allow 50 OTPs to the same mobile number in a day.

More recently, the government of India announced new guidelines, which allows third-party platforms to enable registration, scheduling, and management of vaccination through their apps. Popular services like Paytm and Airtel Thanks introduced vaccine slot finder tools on their app to make it convenient for their users.


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