Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot: win Bitcoin worth Rs 50,000 from BITBNS

Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot is the latest campaign from the credit card bill payment platform in partnership with BITBNS. As part of this offer, users can utilise their Cred Coins to spin a wheel and win up to Rs 50,000 worth of Bitcoin from BITBNS. Notably, Cred Coins are rewards offered by Cred to members for clearing their credit card bills on time.

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The Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot offer is running till June 7th, 2021 on the app. Users who win the jackpot of Bitcoin will need to head to the BnsPay app from BITBNS to claim the reward. Here’s all you need to know about participating in the jackpot, redeeming the reward and the detailed terms and conditions of the campaign.

Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot: how to enter

Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot lets users win Bitcoin worth Rs 50,000

Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot lets users win Bitcoin worth Rs 50,000

The Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot campaign is live on the Cred app. Users will need 1000 Cred Coins to spin the wheel and depending on the combination on the wheel, they will win vouchers from BnsPay and other prizes including Cred Coins. In order to win the jackpot of Bitcoin worth Rs 50,000, users will need to achieve a combination of 7-7-7. In case you are already a Cred member, you can follow the steps below to enter the campaign.

  1. Open the Cred app on your smartphone
  2. Click on the Club button in the bottom pane
  3. Click on the banner that says ‘make Elon Musk proud: own Bitcoin
  4. You will see a slot machine-style game with a Spin button
  5. You can spin the slot for 1,000 Cred Coins and depending on your combination, you’ll be rewarded with various prizes

How to redeem Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot voucher

In case you win a Bitcoin voucher in the Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot, you’ll have to head to BnsPay app to redeem it. Currently, the BnsPay app is available only on Android. Below are the steps to redeem the voucher.

  1. Download BnsPay app from Play Store 
  2. Sign up on the app and create your account
  3. Go to the Profile section on the app and complete the KYC procedure
  4. Post KYC, click on Redeem Voucher section
  5. Enter the voucher code and click on Redeem

Cred Cryptocurrency Jackpot: terms and conditions

Users will need 1000 Cred Coins to spin the wheel in the jackpot. Cred Club members can participate as many time as they want to before June 7th, 2021, provided they have enough Cred Coins. In case they win a Bitcoin voucher from BITBNS, they can only redeem it on the BnsPay app before July 10th, 2021. The voucher reward will be credited only for KYC-verified members and is applicable once per user.

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