CRED Pay: what it is, how to use, eligible brands, offers, pros, cons and more

On: January 7, 2021

If you are a credit card owner, chances are that you have either come across or use the CRED app for all your credit card management and bill payments. The credit card management app has introduced CRED Pay, a new feature to let its users pay directly on third-party merchant websites and get discounts. So, how can you use CRED Pay? If you are wondering the same, you’re in the right place.

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Just like Flipkart Super Coins, CRED app offers CRED Coins when users make credit card bill payments on the platform. These CRED Coins could earlier be used to redeem various offers on partner merchant sites listed in the app. With the CRED Pay, users can still avail discounts using but also pay directly using the credit card listed in the CRED app. Let’s find out how it works and what are its pros and cons.

What is CRED Pay?

CRED Pay allows users to pay directly on merchant sites

CRED Pay allows users to pay directly on merchant sites

The CRED Pay feature is launched by CRED in partnership with Razorpay and Visa. According to the Razorpay website, “CRED Pay enables customers to make payments using their CRED coins and get a seamless checkout experience on all partner platforms.

In simpler terms, CRED Pay offers members a safe and one-click checkout experience on select merchant platforms using credit cards already saved on CRED. The product launch came after a successful and promising pilot program with more than 30 merchant sites.

At the product launch, CRED said, “CRED has always incentivised good financial behaviour, providing members rewards that enable them to live a good life. CRED Pay helps expand this proposition by enabling members to get the same rewarding experience that they get on CRED, on partner merchant platforms; members spend their CRED coins to claim exclusive offers on their purchases, in the process creating new trusting relationships with partner brands.

How to use CRED Pay?

CRED Pay has over 30 partner merchants

CRED Pay has over 30 partner merchants

Using CRED Pay is pretty simple provided you already are a member and have your credit card saved on the app. Here are steps to use CRED Pay.

  1. Open CRED app and go to CRED Pay section
  2. Look for the desired brand and tap on it
  3. Add desired products in the cart and checkout
  4. Select CRED Pay in payment options
  5. Use CRED Coins to unlock an eligible offer
  6. Make a payment with the credit card saved in CRED

Where can you use CRED Pay?

CRED has partnered with over 30 merchant partners who accept CRED Pay as a payment option and offer discounts in lieu of CRED Coins. Some popular names include The Man Company, Man Matters, Epigamia, Damensch, ixigo, and Vahdam Teas. Additionally, brands like Farmizen, Acme Corp, Neeman’s, Supp, and Parentlane also accept CRED Pay and CRED Coins.

All merchant partners are listed in the CRED Pay section in the app. CRED has also announced that it’s in the process to bring brands like Big Basket, Dineout, and ixigo onboard as well.

CRED Pay: pros

One of the biggest pros of using CRED Pay is the ability to avail CRED Coins offers and pay conveniently using the credit card saved in CRED. Additionally, CRED Pay saves the hassle of visiting multiple e-commerce sites, searching for products, looking for deals, and enter payment details. You can now do all of these right from the CRED app.

Lastly, since CRED offers CRED Coins on every bill payment, you always have guaranteed offers available to you. CRED offers a CRED Coin for every point added to your credit score and an amount equivalent to every credit card bill paid using CRED.

CRED Pay: cons

While CRED Pay definitely is a convenient method to quickly checkout and avail guaranteed discounts as well, it’s not without its flaws. Right off the bat, you can only avail CRED Pay and CRED Coins offers on partner merchants, which are limited to just over 30 at the moment. Additionally, you cannot redeem CRED Coins to get higher discounts as the offers range from 10 – 15 percent discounts on each merchant. Lastly, you can only use the credit card saved in your CRED app to make payments using CRED Pay.

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