DD Free Dish channel list 2023: all DD Free Dish channel numbers and how to tune your old DD free dish set-top box

DD Free Dish channel list comprises of free to air channels in India. It has become a lifeline of sorts for those wanting to consume TV content for free in India. During the pandemic, the vast network of channels were not only keeping Indians informed and delivering general entertainment content, but also helping education reach those with no broadband connectivity.

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India has seen a huge revamp in the way television channels are broadcasted to end consumers. Earlier this year, TRAI introduced new rules that brought DTH channels to consumers at much cheaper rates than before. While channels now come with a fixed Network Capacity Fee (NCF) and à la carte channels, Doordarshan remains a different beast.

To the uninitiated, Doordarshan is a public service broadcaster owned by the Broadcasting Ministry of India. Alongside All India Radio, Doordarshan forms one of the two divisions of Prasar Bharti. Established on September 15th 1959, Doordarshan is one of India’s largest broadcasting organisations in studio and transmitter infrastructure.

DD Free Dish: what is it?

As mentioned earlier, DD Free Dish is India’s only free Direct-To-Home service. At the time of its launch in December 2004, it offered only 33 channels. At present, the service offers 104 SDTV channels along with 40 Radio channels. It is available in Ku-Band on GSAT-15 (at 93.5°E). The DTH signals can be received through a small sized dish receive system, also known as Set-top Box and Dish of size around 60 to 90cm in diameter.

DD Free Dish channel list

DD Free Dish is a free Direct–to-Home service that was previously know as DD Direct+Doordarshan operates a total of 21 channels and has 46 studios. It has two all-India channels in the form of DD National and DD News. It also operates 17 regional satellite channels, 11 state networks, an international channel called DD India, a sports channel called DD Sports, DD Bharati, DD Urudu and DD Kisan.

While it has an expansive network of regional channels, Doordarshan also has a free-to-air satellite television provider called DD Free Dish. Previously known as DD Direct Plus, it is estimated to serve approximately 50 million Indian households. In other words, DD Free Dish accounts for around 25 percent of total TV households in the country. It offers a national, parliamentary, regional and state network of TV channels.

DD National channel list

These channels are operated by Prasar Bharati and air content that is informational in nature. These channel show a large number of shows that showcase the culture of India. Apart from this, there are shows that are educational or related to agriculture including Krishi Darshan that is broadcast.

  1. DD National
  2. DD National HD
  3. DD Retro
  4. DD Kisan
  5. DD News
  6. DD India
  7. DD Sports
  8. DD Bharati
  9. DD Urdu
Channel Name Channel Number
DD News 1
DD National 2
DD National HD 113
DD Retro 3
DD Kisan 4
DD India 5
DD Sports 79
DD Bharati 77
DD Urdu 114

DD Parliamentary channel list

If you want to follow the parliament proceeding, these channel bring the all the action live from both the houses. To watch proceeding in, you should tune in to Sansad TV.

  1. Sansad TV
  2. Sansad TV
Channel Name Channel Number
Sansad TV 26
Sansad TV 27

Doordarshan Regional channel list

Apart from the regional flavour, they also present serials and movies in the respective regional language to entertain the audience.

  1. DD Assam
  2. DD Bangla
  3. DD Chandana
  4. DD Tripura
  5. DD Girnar
  6. DD Uttar Pradesh
  7. DD Kashir
  8. DD Chhattisgarh
  9. DD Malayalam
  10. DD Oriya
  11. DD Podhigai
  12. DD Punjabi
  13. DD Sahyadri
  14. DD Yadagiri
  15. DD Arun Prabha
  16. DD Saptagiri
  17. DD Bihar
  18. DD Madhya Pradesh
  19. DD Rajasthan
  20. DD Jharkhand
  21. DD Goa
  22. DD Haryana
  23. DD Himachal Pradesh
  24. DD Meghalaya
  25. DD Manipur
  26. DD Nagaland
  27. DD Mizoram
  28. DD Uttarakhand
Channel Name Channel Number
DD Assam 90
DD Bangla 93
DD Chandana 86
DD Tripura 83
DD Girnar 8
DD Uttar Pradesh 76
DD Kashir 85
DD Chhattisgarh 84
DD Malayalam 89
DD Oriya 91
DD Podhigai 21
DD Punjabi 22
DD Sahyadri 23
DD Yadagiri 75
DD Arun Prabha 92
DD Saptagiri 88
DD Bihar 80
DD Madhya Pradesh 82
DD Rajasthan 78
DD Jharkhand 81
DD Goa 97
DD Haryana 98
DD Himachal Pradesh 99
DD Meghalaya 104
DD Manipur 105
DD Nagaland 106
DD Mizoram 107
DD Uttarakhand 87

Hindi General Entertainment channel list

The Hindi entertainment genre was earlier very popular when serials like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki were aired. With the rise of regional content and coming of OTT, it has lost some of its charm. However, it still continues to be popular with select groups.

Rishtey Cineplex
The Q
Manoranjan Grand
Big Magic
Shemaroo TV
Ishara TV
Sony Wah

Channel Name Channel Number
Rishtey Cineplex 38
The Q 34
Azaad 50
Manoranjan Grand 19
Dangal 29
Big Magic 41
Shemaroo TV 28
Ishara TV 9
Sony Wah 58

Hindi Music channel list

These are channels that are dedicated to playing Hindi music round the clock. Some of them focus on old classical Bollywood movies, while the approach of others is to play trendy music. The trendy music could be from private labels or pupular Hindi movies.

  1. MTV Beats
  2. B4U Music
  3. 9XM
  4. Mastiii
  5. Showbox
Channel Name Channel Number
MTV Beats 61
Mastii 62
B4U Music 63
9XM 57
Showbox 7

Hindi-language Movies channel list

  1. Star Utsav Movies
  2. Zee Anmol Cinema
  3. ABZY Movies
  4. BFlix Movies
  5. Colors Cineplex Bollywood
  6. Rishtey Cineplex
  7. Movie Plus
  8. B4U Kadak
  9. ABZY Cool
  10. B4U Movies
  11. Dhinchaak
  12. Enterr- 10 Movies
  13. Manoranjan TV
  14. Goldmines Movies
  15. Dhinchaak 2
  16. Goldmines Hindi
Channel Name Channel Number
Star Utsav Movies 55
Zee Anmol Cinema 48
ABZY Movies 10
BFlix Movies 110
Colors Cineplex Bollywood 35
Rishtey Cineplex 38
Movie Plus 39
B4U Kadak 42
ABZY Cool 32
B4U Movies 12
Dhinchaak 15
Enterr- 10 Movies 51
Manoranjan TV 43
Goldmines Movies 52
Dhinchaak 2 33
Goldmines Hindi 36


Hindi-language News channel list

  1. India TV
  2. Times Now Navbharat
  3. Zee News
  4. Republic Bharat
  5. Aaj Tak
  6. ABP News
  7. Swadesh News
  8. NDTV India
  9. TV9 Bharatvarsh
  10. Zee Hindustan
  11. Samay
  12. India News
  13. India News UP/UK
  14. News State UP/UK
  15. Sudarshan News
  16. News 18 UP/UK
  17. News 18 India
  18. News 24 Think First
  19. News Nation
  20. News India 24X7
  21. Good News Today/ GNT
  22. Raftaar Media
Channel Name Channel Number
India TV 64
Times Now Navbharat 66
Zee News 70
Republic Bharat 67
Aaj Tak 68
ABP News 69
Swadesh News 115
NDTV India 49
TV9 Bharatvarsh 44
Zee Hindustan 59
Samay 100
India News 60
India News UP/UK 101
News State UP/UK 108
Sudarshan News 102
News 18 UP/UK 103
News 18 India 56
News 24 Think First 73
News Nation 65
News India 24X7 109
Good News Today/ GNT 13
Raftaar Media 116

Devotional channel list

  1. Aastha TV
  2. Vedic
  3. Sanskar TV
  4. Astha Bhajan
Channel Name Channel Number
Aastha TV 45
Vedic 11
Sanskar TV 54
Astha Bhajan 95

Bhojpuri channel list

  1. Bhojpuri Cinema
  2. B4U Bhojpuri (Movies)
  3. Big Ganga (General Entertainment)
  4. Zee Biskope (Movies)
  5. Filamchi Bhojpuri
  6. Goldmines Bhojpuri
  7. Manoranjan Prime
Channel Name Channel Number
Bhojpuri Cinema 30
B4U Bhojpuri (Movies) 14
Big Ganga (General Entertainment) 16
Zee Biskope (Movies) 31
Filamchi Bhojpuri 46
Goldmines Bhojpuri 17
Manoranjan Prime 18

Marathi channel list

  1. Sun Marathi
  2. Shemaroo Marathibana
  3. Fakt Marathi
  4. Zee Chitramandir
Channel Name Channel Number
Sun Marathi 6
Shemaroo Marathibana 20
Fakt Marathi 24
Zee Chitramandir 71

Punjabi channel list

  1. Zee Punjabi (General Entertainment)
  2. Manoranjan Movies
  3. Chardikala Time TV
  4. Popcorn Movies
Channel Name Channel Number
Zee Punjabi (General Entertainment) 72
Manoranjan Movies 40
Chardikala Time TV 96
Popcorn Movies 53

DD Free Dish Home Channel

  1. Home Channel
Channel Name Channel Number
Home Channel 94

Educational Channel List

Swayam Prabha

Channel Name Channel Number
DD SWAYAM Prabha 10 126
DD SWAYAM Prabha 11 127
DD SWAYAM Prabha 12 128
DD SWAYAM Prabha 13 129
DD SWAYAM Prabha 14 130
DD SWAYAM Prabha 15 131
DD SWAYAM Prabha 16 132
DD SWAYAM Prabha 17 133
DD SWAYAM Prabha 18 134
DD SWAYAM Prabha 19 135
DD SWAYAM Prabha 20 136
DD SWAYAM Prabha 21 137
DD SWAYAM Prabha 22 138

PM e-Vidya

Channel Name Channel Number
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya
DD eVidya

Vande Gujarat Channel

Channel Name Channel Number
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat
DD Vande Gujarat 10 160
DD Vande Gujarat 11 161
DD Vande Gujarat 12 162
DD Vande Gujarat 13 163
DD Vande Gujarat 14 164
DD Vande Gujarat 15 165
DD Vande Gujarat 16 166

Educational TV Channel for Digital Payments

Channel Name Channel Number
DD DigiShala 167

DD Free Dish: MPEG-4 streaming

DD Free Dish has been expanding from time to time. It has expanded to present capacity with the introduction of MPEG-4, DVB-S2 stream. It also has plans to add HD channels in the bouquet of DD Free Dish soon. Prasar Bharati also plans to expand the 80 MPEG-2 streams to MPEG-4 in phased manner.

It is different from other DTH operators because they provide paid service. The DTH operators charge customers because they need to uplink the encrypted TV signals to the satellite and the signals are received by subscribers through a receiving system. DD Free Dish works similarly but in this case, customers have to make only a one-time investment to purchase the dish receive system including the set-top box and dish antenna with LNB.

Doordarshan and its enormous presence

Doordarshan provides television, radio, online and mobile service throughout the metropolitan and regional India. It also provides service overseas through the Indian Network and IRadio India. From an experimental broadcaster, Doordarshan has come a long way. While rules have evolved, new players have come along, Doordarshan is still watched by a large section of the country.

If you are wondering for the reason then it is the simple fact that Doordarshan, also called DD, continues to offer free-to-air channels. Whether it is Krishi Darshan or news bulletin in your local language, Doordarshan has you covered with a wide array of channels spanning multiple Indian languages.

While it started in 1959, Doordarshan extended television service to Mumbai (then Bombay) and Amritsar only in 1972. Only seven Indian cities had television service until 1975, states a Wikipedia entry. Doordarshan for a long time remained the country’s sole television provider, giving it an enormous advantage.

How to tune your old free to air set-top box

DD Free Dish transport streams and their respective frequencies, symbol rate and polarization

1. Satellite Name

Step 1: Go to the Installation menu or visit the setup menu using the remote control of your DD Free Dish set tip box
Step 2: Select Satellite Edit menu.
Step 3: Select Add New Satellite menu.
Step 4: Select Sat Name Edit menu.
Step 5: Enter Satellite Name as GSAT-15.
Step 6: Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5°E
Step 7: Press Exit.

2. LNB Configuration

Step 1: Go to LNB configuration and ensure that the satellite is selected as GSAT-15.
Step 2: Set LNB Types as Universal.
Step 3: Set LNB Power On.
Step 4: Press Exit.

3. Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit

Step 1: Go to Transponder (TP) Edit menu and once again ensure that the satellite selected is GSAT-15.
Step 2: Select Add New TP menu.
Step 3: Select TP frequency as 11,090MHz.
Step 4: Select Symbol rate as 29,500Ksps.
Step 5: Select Polarization as Vertical.
Step 6: Set 22K as OFF
Step 7: Set Disc. Equal to OFF
Step 8: Select Scan as FTA.
Step 9: Press OK

Once you have entered these values in your old set-top box, now go to Search and press Ok. This will add the new 16 TV and 6 Radio services and you can add other four Transport streams by entering respective frequencies, symbol rate and polarization.

DD Free Dish FAQs

Is Star Sports available on DD Free Dish?

Unfortunately, DD Free Dish doesn’t have any Star Network channels. This means DD Free Dish doesn’t have the Star Sports channels available for its users.

Is DD Dish free of cost?

Yes, DD Free Dish is free of cost in the sense that there’s no monthly payment involved. However, in order to get access to DD Free Dish, user need to invest in one-time DD Dish system kit. This include DD Free Dish DTH antenna, DD Free Dish STB, DD Free Dish coaxial cable, and DD Free Dish RG6 connectors. The initial cost for a good and branded kits is somewhere in the range of Rs 2,500.

How can I buy DD Free Dish?

You can buy DD Free Dish kit from any electronics shop in the nearest market. There are two types of STB available for DD Free Dish in market – one that’s approved by Prasar Bharti and the second is any free-to-air set-top box.

How can I watch paid channels on DD free dish?

You can’t watch paid channels on DD Free Dish because it doesn’t have the range of frequencies to connect to their satellite.

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