Delete Telegram Account: How to delete or deactivate Telegram account on Android, iOS and through web browser

Telegram is one of the most popular social media apps used globally. In contrast to other apps like WhatsApp, it allows users to form a group/channel with up to 200,000 members. Despite being one of the most widely used applications worldwide, it comes down with issues as seen in the past. Know more about these drawbacks and how to delete the Telegram account in this article.

Why You May Want to Delete Your Telegram Account

One of the most notable drawbacks of Telegram is the lack of end-to-end encryption by default. The app has tried to recify this with its recently introduced feature called Secret Chats. Another annoying feature of this app is the constant notification of who among your contact list has recently joined Telegram. There is also an issue in which people are added to the groups without prior consent and then have to unsubscribe themselves from these chat groups.

So there could be many reasons why one would want to bid adieu to this app. If, for some reason, you have decided to delete your social media account from Telegram, we have come up with some easy ways to delete your telegram account in a couple of minutes. Follow the step-by-step guide to permanently delete your telegram account on Android and iPhone. Do note that all your data will be lost from their cloud database after deleting your Telegram account. Just in case, you could always back up the data on your local device before deleting it. This can be done by clicking on Settings -> Advanced -> Export telegram data.

How to delete a telegram account on Android

The self-destruction feature in telegram enables one to delete their account. If you stop using Telegram for six months, your account will be deleted automatically along with all the messages, media, contacts and every other piece of data that’s stored in the Telegram cloud database. But if you wish to delete your account now, then below are the steps to deactivate the account on Android.

Step 1: Open Telegram. On the top left corner, there’s a hamburger menu. After clicking on that button, you can see the Settings option below.

Step 2: Click on Settings and then select Privacy and Security.

Step 3: Scroll down to see If Away for the option. You can select any time duration from 1, 3, 6, or 12 months, after which your telegram account will be deleted permanently, provided you don’t log in or use your telegram account for the chosen period of time.

How to delete a Telegram account on iPhone

These are the steps for deleting a Telegram account on iPhone. It’s pretty much similar to that on Android. If you are an iPhone user, follow the steps below to delete your telegram Account.

Step 1: Go to the Telegram app on your iPhone, then click on settings.

Step 2: After that, click on Privacy and Security.

Step 3: Finally, scroll down to see the If Away option and select the time duration from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. Inactivity for the selected time frame will automatically delete your telegram account.

How to delete a telegram account using a web browser

In both the above-mentioned processes, it will take at least one month for the telegram account to be deleted. If you want your telegram account to be deleted instantly, then you can do the same by following these few easy steps. You can do this using any web browser on either your phone or PC.

Step 1: Click here to redirect to the telegram deactivation page.

Step 2: Enter your registered phone number to delete your telegram account. Don’t forget to enter the country code before the phone number. Click on Next.

Step 3: Enter the alphanumeric code received in your telegram account to sign in. Do note that you will not receive any text messages rather, check your telegram inbox.

Step 4: Following that, click on Delete Account.

Step 5: The section asking for the reason behind deleting your account is optional, so you can skip it if you wish. Click on Delete My Account.

Step 6: A popup will appear confirming your decision to delete your account. If you want to proceed, click on YES. Your account is now deleted. Keep in mind that if you wish to register using the same phone number again, you have to wait for some days and then you can register for a new account.


1. What happens when I delete my Telegram account?

Once your Telegram account is deleted, all the data will be flushed out of the cloud. All messages, groups, and contacts associated with your account will be deleted. That said, your contacts will still be able to chat in the groups you have created, and they will still have copies of the messages you sent them. So, if you want to send messages that can vanish without a trace, try using self-destruct timer instead. Termination of a Telegram account is irreversible. If you sign up again, you will appear as a new user and will not get your history, contacts or groups back. People, who have your phone number in their contacts, will be notified when you rejoin the app. The new user will be displayed as a separate conversation in their messages list, and their conversation history with this new user will be empty.

2. How does account self-destruction on Telegram work?

If you stop using Telegram and don’t come online for at least six months, your account will be deleted along with all messages, media, contacts and every other piece of data you store in the Telegram cloud. You can change the exact period after which your inactive account will self-destruct in Settings.

3. How does a deleted Telegram account look?

If someone has deleted a Telegram account, then the profile picture of the user will turn into a ghost icon, and the username will no longer be the unique name rather, it will be changed to “Deleted Account”, as shown below.