Delhi Corona app launched: here’s how to find vacant hospital beds and ventilators near you

While the country has been on lockdown since March 22nd, the number of COVID-19 have been on the rise and currently stands in the vicinity of 2 lakh. There have been reports that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely peak in June – July 2020. It will be during this time that the country’s medical infrastructure will be put under duress.

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Keeping this in mind, the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi Government has launched a new app called Delhi Corona app. The new app is designed to be a bridge between the public and hospitals. The app will help users find available hospital beds and ventilators in government and private hospitals around them.

Delhi Corona app: here’s how it works

The Delhi Corona app is available for download on Google Play Store

The Delhi Corona app is now available for download on the Google Play Store

The newly launched app lists all the government and private hospitals near the user that are accepting COVID-19 patients. The app also shows the number of beds and ventilators vacant in these hospitals. To make it easier for all users, the app has been launched with the support for both English and Hindi.

The app is already listed on the Google Play Store for Android users, however, there’s no word on iOS support as of now. Notably, the app doesn’t require users to register or sign-up to access any of the information, which is convenient. The developer has included features like a self-assessment tool, guidelines, and important helplines for users.

The app contains links to services such as ration, e-pass, and hunger/ shelter relief centres. Additionally, users can check which areas in the NCR area fall under containment zones, red, orange and green zones. In case of emergencies, there’s also the provision to directly access the Delhi Government’s WhatsApp COVID-19 helpline number from within the app.

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