Details About the Moto E3 Power Surface Online

Lenovo announced the Moto E3 recently, as the phone that would be the formal successor to the Motorola Moto E 2nd generation. The phone looks and feels very similar to the Moto G4 and there were rumors that unlike the original Moto E, which was very cautious of the price, the new upcoming Moto E3 may not be priced as aggressively. There were a few specifications of the Moto E that were announced but concrete information about availability and pricing was missing.

Moto E3 Power

Now, a slightly heftier version of the Moto E3 has surfaced online, and it is called the Moto E3 Power. The information of the phone comes from WiFi Alliance, which issues a compliance certification to the phones that need to be launched. The listing states that the phone will come with the exact same specifications as that we have seen on the Moto E3 but with a bigger battery. The Moto E3 Power will come bundled with 3500 mAH battery versus the 2800 mAh battery that we have seen on the Moto E3.

It will continue to have a 5 inch IPS panel with 720P resolution and will have MediaTek’s MT6735P chipset. The model number will be XT1706. Interestingly, the phone was certified all the way back in June itself, so clearly the Moto E3 Power is not an afterthought product, but something that the company always intended to come out with. If you are to go by the listing, it states that the phone at testing was running Android 6.0, but with Android N around the corner, it is a possibility that the Moto E3 comes with it rather than Android M.

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