DigiYatra Explained: The new service that allows travellers to board flights with Face ID


  • The Ministry of Civil Aviation launches DigiYatra digital service for air travellers
  • It allows passengers to board the flight with their face ID
  • Currently, the service is available in Delhi, Bangalore, and Varanasi airports

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched a new digital service called DigiYatra. It allows air travellers to board flights using their face ID. However, currently, it is only available in Delhi, Bangalore, and Varanasi airports. It will be available to other airports like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Vijayawada by March 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about the DigiYatra.


What is DigiYatra?

DigiYatra is a Biometric enabled facial recognition technology. It will deliver a seamless travel experience to air travellers. The technology aims to implement paperless processing at airport checkpoints. The beta version of the DigiYatra was launched at Delhi International airport on August 15.

How to use DigiYatra?

First, passengers must register with the DigiYatra app with their Aadhar card and selfie. After that, the passenger can enter the airport building by scanning the QR code on the digital boarding pass, followed by a facial scan. It will also give access to the security area.

However, the passengers will have to use the traditional digital or paper boarding pass along with other identity documents for the check-in baggage drop.

Is DigiYatra safe?

The DigiYatra app is built on a decentralized system, and passengers’ biometric data is stored on their phones and not shared with anyone. The data will be shared with the Airport 24 hours before the flight in an encrypted manner.

Besides, using DigiYatra is optional as the standard non-biometric methods will continue to function.

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