Disney Plus Hotstar plans 2021: VIP and Premium subscription price, Airtel, Jio and Vi bundled recharge plans

Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) recently started offering prepaid plans with a complimentary annual subscription to Disney+ Hotstar in India. Telcos like Airtel and Reliance Jio has been offering the benefit with a host of prepaid and postpaid plans for a while now. Hotstar is a popular OTT platform in India thanks to its vast catalogue of regional content and exclusive streaming rights to cricket matches and other sports.

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While Hotstar does offer free content, you need to pay to access live sports, Disney and Premium-branded content. If you don’t want to shell out for a subscription, there are ways to get one for free via your telecom operator. To know which plans offer a subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, how to avail one and more, read on.

Disney+ Hotstar new plans w.e.f. September 1st

Disney+ Hotstar has recently announced that it will bring two new plans with effect from September 1st. The new plans are called Mobile and Super while the OTT service will retain the existing Premium plan. For the first time, Disney+ Hotstar will be providing access to the full library to its users regardless of the plan they pick. The base Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan is priced at Rs 499 for a year and allows HD streaming on one mobile device.

The  Disney+ Hotstar Super and Premium are priced at Rs 899 and Rs 1,499 per year, respectively. The former offers simultaneous HD streaming on two different devices including smartphones, computers and televisions. The top-tier Premium plan supports four devices across categories and offers 4K streaming. Disney+ Hotstar will remove the VIP and free tier for its users from September 1st.

Disney+ Hotstar New PlanPriceNumber of devicesResolution supported
MobileRs 499/year1HD
SuperRs 899/year2HD
PremiumRs 1,499/year44K

What is Disney Plus Hotstar?

Hotstar is an Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform, which was launched by Star India back in 2015. Star India itself is part of 21st Century Fox, which was acquired by Walt Disney last year. This effectively brought Hotstar under the ownership of Walt Disney.

Following the acquisition, the Disney+ platform was integrated with Hotstar, and rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar in March this year. This has resulted in Disney+ content being available in India, including titles from Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and films from 20th Century Studios, Hollywood Pictures, Searchlight Pictures, and Touchstone Pictures.

Disney Plus Hotstar subscription plans in India

  1. Disney+ Hotstar VIP plan annual plan: Rs 399, one device at a time for Premium content
  2. Disney+ Hotstar Premium monthly plan: Rs 299, two devices at a time for Premium content
  3. Disney+ Hotstar Premium annual plan: Rs 1,499, two devices at a time for Premium content

Disney Plus Hotstar VIP plan

While Hotstar offers a host of free content, Disney+ content is only available for VIP and Premium subscribers. As part of the VIP subscription, users get access to Hotstar Originals, Star network content including the Indian Premier League, ICC Cricket World Cup, Indian TV shows, new Indian movie premieres and Exclusive Hotstar specials like Special OPS, Hundred, Criminal Justice, and more.

All the Disney+ content offered in the VIP subscription is available only in dubbed languages such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu as of now. The VIP plan is priced at Rs 399 for an annual subscription and offers all content except for American shows and movies.

Disney Plus Hotstar VIP: price and validity

The Disney+ Hostar VIP membership is offered only on annual basis. If you want to subscribe to the Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership, it will cost you Rs 399 for a year.

Disney Plus Hotstar VIP: number of devices

The Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership allows users to stream content only on one device at a time.

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium plan

In case you want to watch American shows and movies, you will have to upgrade to Premium membership. You get access to the entire library of the Disney+ Hotstar platform in all languages, live sports, as well as the latest American TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters with a Premium subscription.

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium: price and validity

The Disney+ Hotstar Premium plan is the top tier offering available in both monthly and annual subscription modules. The monthly package retails at Rs 299 per month, whereas the annual plan will set you back by Rs 1,499.

Disney Plus Hotstar Premium: number of devices

The Disney+ Hotstar Premium members can stream content on two devices at any given point in time.

How to upgrade from Disney+ Hotstar VIP to Disney+ Hotstar Premium annual membership?

If you plan to upgrade from Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership to Disney+ Hotstar Premium, we have good news for you. You can easily upgrade your VIP membership to Premium by following the below steps.
  1. Open the Disney+ Hotstar app on your smartphone or go to Disney+ Hotstar website
  2. In the app, click on the three-line icon in the top left corner and then on your name
  3. On the website, click on the circular profile icon in the top-right corner and click on my account
  4. Click on the ‘Upgrade’ option
  5. Pay the balance amount to upgrade to Premium membership

Interested subscribers will have to pay a balance amount depending on the remaining time of the VIP subscription. The amount will be shown when they tap on the ‘Upgrade’ option.

Jio prepaid recharge plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

Reliance Jio is offering Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription with Rs 401 and Rs 2,599 prepaid plans

Reliance Jio is offering a Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual subscription with Rs 401 and Rs 2,599 prepaid plans

  1. Jio Rs 401 prepaid plan
  2. Jio Rs 499 prepaid plan
  3. Jio Rs 598 prepaid plan
  4. Jio Rs 612 prepaid plan
  5. Jio Rs 777 prepaid plan
  6. Jio Rs 1,004 prepaid plan
  7. Jio Rs 1,206 prepaid plan
  8. Jio Rs 1,208 prepaid plan
  9. Jio Rs 2,599 prepaid plan

Reliance Jio offers monthly and annual prepaid plans worth Rs 401 and Rs 2,599 respectively with a free annual VIP subscription of Disney+ Hotstar. The former offers 90GB data, unlimited voice calling benefits and complimentary access to Jio apps valid for 28 days, while the latter provides 740GB data, 365 days access to Jio apps and unlimited calling. It’s worth noting that for the user to continue getting the free membership, they need to continuously be on any active Jio plan.

The telco is also offering the annual VIP membership with Rs 499, Rs 598 and Rs 777 prepaid plans. The Rs 499 Jio postpaid plan is a data add-on pack and offers 1.5GB high-speed data per day for 56 days. The Rs 598 Jio plan also has a validity of 56 days and offers 2GB of high-speed data every day along with unlimited voice calling. Lastly, the Rs 777 plan provides 1.5GB data per day, 5GB additional data, Jio to Jio voice calls, 3,000 minutes of Jio to Non-Jio calls, and 100 SMS per day This plan has a validity of 84 days.

Jio is also offering the same Disney+ Hotstar subscription plan with data add-on packs in denominations of Rs 1,004, Rs 1,206, Rs 1,208 and Rs 612. The Rs 612 plan has the same validity as the base plan of the user and provides 72GB data as well as 6,000 minutes Jio to non-Jio calling minutes. The Rs 1,206 and Rs 1,208 plans come with 240GB data each for 240 days and 180 days, respectively. Lastly, the Rs 1,004 pack offers 200GB data for 120 days.

Jio postpaid plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

  1. Jio Rs 399 postpaid plan
  2. Jio Rs 599 postpaid plan
  3. Jio Rs 799 postpaid plan
  4. Jio Rs 999 postpaid plan
  5. Jio Rs 1,499 postpaid plan

Reliance has also launched five Jio Postpaid Plus plans in India with denominations of Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999 and Rs 1,499. These plans offer 75GB, 100GB, 150GB, 200GB and 200GB data, respectively. All of these plans come with Disney+ Hotstar VIP annual plan worth Rs 399. Other benefits include unlimited voice calling, unlimited SMS, data rollover, Netflix, and Amazon Prime subscription.

Airtel prepaid recharge plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

Airtel is offering a year's Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription with its new plan

Airtel is offering a year’s Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription with several prepaid and postpaid plans

  1. Airtel Rs 401 prepaid plan
  2. Airtel Rs 448 prepid plan
  3. Airtel Rs 599 prepaid plan
  4. Airtel Rs 2,698 prepaid plan

Before Jio, it was Airtel that offered a Rs 401 prepaid plan for its users with an annual VIP subscription worth Rs 399. Apart from the Disney+ Hotstar subscription, users also get 30GB of data for 28 days. However, unlike the Jio plan, there are no calling benefits included in this pack.

The telco is also offering Rs 448, Rs 599 and Rs 2,698 prepaid plans with one year of Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription. The Rs 448 prepaid plan offers unlimited 3GB data per day, voice calls, and 100 SMS every day for 28 days. The Rs 599 and Rs 2,698 plans come with a validity of 56 days and 365 days, respectively. Both plans offer 2GB data per day, unlimited voice calling and 100 SMS per day.

Airtel postpaid plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

  1. Airtel Rs 499 postpaid plan
  2. Airtel Rs 749 postpaid plan
  3. Airtel Rs 749 postpaid plan
  4. Airtel Rs 999 postpaid plan
  5. Airtel Rs 1,599 postpaid plan

Additionally, the telco is also offering annual Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership with Rs 499, Rs 749, Rs 999 and Rs 1,599 postpaid plans. These plans also offer the annual subscription of Amazon Prime. Other benefits include high-speed data with data rollover, unlimited calls to any network in India, and 100 SMSes per day.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) prepaid recharge plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

  1. Vi Rs 401 prepaid plan
  2. Vi Rs 501 prepaid plan
  3. Vi Rs 601 prepaid plan
  4. Vi Rs 801 prepaid plan

Vi or Vodafone Idea has also hopped on to the Disney+ Hotstar wagon and is offering the VIP membership with four of its prepaid plans. The telco is offering the benefit with its Rs 401, Rs 501, Rs 601 and Rs 801 plans.

The Rs 401 Vi prepaid plan comes with a validity of 28 days and offers unlimited calls, 100 SMS per day, 3GB data per day and 16GB extra data. Other benefits include Weekend Rollover benefitBinge All Night, and Vi Movies & TV Classic for a year.

Next up is the Rs 601 Vi prepaid plan, which offers the same benefits as the Rs 401 pack but with 56 days validity and 32GB extra data. Similarly, the Rs 801 Vi Prepaid plan offers same benefits but 84 days validity and 48GB extra data. Lastly, the Rs 501 Vi prepaid pack is a data-only plan offering 75GB data with a validity of 56 days.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) postpaid plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar VIP subscription

  1. Vi Rs 499 postpaid plan
  2. Vi Rs 649 postpaid plan
  3. Vi Rs 699 postpaid plan
  4. Vi Rs 799 postpaid plan
  5. Vi Rs 999 postpaid plan
  6. Vi Rs 1,099 postpaid plan
  7. Vi Rs 1,348 postpaid plan

Vi is also offering Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership with several of its postpaid plans. In the personal postpaid plan category, the benefit is available with Rs 499, Rs 699 and Rs 1,099 Vi postpaid plans. Those on Rs 649, Rs 799, Rs 999 and Rs 1,348 family postpaid plans will also get the benefit.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans offering Disney Plus Hotstar Premium subscription

  1. Jio Fiber Rs 999 broadband plan
  2. Jio Fiber Rs 1,499 broadband plan
  3. Jio Fiber Rs 2,499 broadband plan
  4. Jio Fiber Rs 3,999 broadband plan
  5. Jio Fiber Rs 8,499 broadband plan

Jio Fiber is offering Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership with five of its fiber broadband plan. These are priced at Rs 999, Rs 1,499, Rs 2,499, Rs 3,999, and Rs 8,499. These plans are all offered in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual subscriptions. Apart from the top-tier Rs 8,499 plan, all others offer unlimited data (with an FUP limit of 3.3TB) and voice calling all across India. The Rs 8,499 plan offers 6.6TB of data.

For the Rs 999 JioFiber broadband plan, data speed is capped at 150Mbps for both downloads and uploads. The Rs 1,499 and Rs 2,499 Jio Fiber broadband plans offer 300Mbps and 500Mbps data speeds, respectively. Lastly, the Rs 3,999 and Rs 8,499 Jio Fiber broadband plans offer 1Gbps speeds.

Disney Plus Hotstar: exclusive content

Disney+ Hotstar offers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars franchise, National Geographic and more

Disney+ Hotstar offers content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars franchise, National Geographic and more

Hotstar already had a good content library in India, including exclusive shows from HBO, Showtime and HOOQ. The platform also has live streaming rights for sports events like cricket, Premier League and Formula 1.

With the integration of Disney+, subscribers will now get access to new and upcoming content from Marvel and Star Wars franchises, including WandaVision, Loki, The Mandalorian and more. All Pixar films, including the Toy Story series, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and more are also available to stream, in addition to Pixar Originals and Pixar Shorts.

Disney content includes original live action movies like Maleficent, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Princess Diaries and  Mary Poppins, to name a few. Needless to say, Disneys animated films, including Frozen, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin and more are also available.

Disney Plus Hotstar vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

As mentioned before, Disney+ Hotstar offers content from the Walt Disney group, HBO, ABC Studios and Showtime. Additionally, it offers regional content like movies and shows, Indian TV shows from Star India and live sports streaming for events such as IPL, Premier League, and Grand Slams.

Titles like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, Grey’s Anatomy, Chernobyl, His Dark Materials, Star Wars franchise, Avengers franchise, all Disney and Pixar films are exclusive to Disney+ Hotstar. And if you are a fan of these titles, you will benefit from subscribing to the VIP (Rs 399 annually) or Premium (Rs 1,499 annual or Rs 299 monthly) plans.

In comparison, Amazon Prime Video offers licensed content from NBC (Blindspot, The Office US), ITV (Downton Abbey) and CBS (Blue Bloods, 2 Broke Girls). Amazon Originals like Paatal Lok, Family Man, Jack Ryan and more are also part of the package. Apart from that, the platform has a rich library of  Indian regional content.

The service can be availed for just Rs 129 monthly or Rs 999 yearly fee. Additionally, Amazon has launched the Prime Video Mobile Edition for single users in partnership with Airtel. Available exclusively to Airtel users as part of bundled prepaid plans, the Prime Video Mobile Edition is available with Airtel plans starting as low as Rs 89. This is considerably cheaper than Disney+ Hotstar subscription fee, and also includes free and priority deliveries with Amazon Prime, plus access to Amazon Music.

As for Netflix, subscriptions start at Rs 199 per month (mobile/tablet only, single screen, Standard Definition). The other plans are priced at Rs 499 per month (one screen at a time, Standard Definition), Rs 649 per month (two screens at a time, up to full HD resolution) and Rs 799 per month (four screens at a time, up to 4K resolution). Netflix also has a broad catalogue of exclusive Netflix Specials and licensed content from NBC and ABC. These include Sacred Games, She, Delhi Crime, Made In Heaven, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and more.

Does Disney Plus Hotstar support Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound?

Disney+ Hotstar rolled out support for Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound back in April, however, it was limited to the Disney+ exclusive show The Mandalorian. The feature was rolled out to the Disney+ Hotstar app on Apple TV and Fire TV. While there were talks of the feature being extended to other titles, there’s been no news since.

Disney Plus Hotstar pricing and plans

Disney+ Hotstar PlanPriceNumber of devicesValidity
Disney+ Hotstar VIP planRs 3991 device at a time for Premium content1 year
Disney+ Hotstar Premium monthly planRs 2992 devices at a time for Premium content1 month
Disney+ Hotstar Premium annual planRs 1,4992 devices at a time for Premium content1 year

Disney+ Hotstar FAQs

How to download Hotstar videos

Login to the Hotstar app and select the video you want to download. Look for the download button under the video and click on it. A pop up will promot you to select the video quality (Low, Medium or High) along with displaying the respective file sizes. Select your preferred video quality and your download will commence. You can view your downloaded videos in the ‘Downloads’ section of the app menu.

How to change Hotstar password

Hotstar has phased out email registration and passwords. Existing and new users will need to login using a registered mobile number and OTP.

How to activate Hotstar on Firestick

Search for the Disney+ Hotstar app on Fire TV Stick and download it. You’ll be prompted to login with a screen showing a 4 digit code. Go to on your mobile browser and login with your Disney+ Hotstar account. Enter the 4-digit code shown on your TV screen, and you’ll be logged in on your Fire TV Stick.

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