Doordarshan channels to not require set up boxes soon


  • Presently, television viewers are required to purchase set-top boxes.
  • A set-top box is required even for free channels
  • Doordarshan, however, is in the process of phasing out analogue transmission.

The official broadcaster Doordarshan will soon be able to broadcast all of its free-to-air channels via satellite without having to use set-top boxes. The tuners would allow for the reception of free-to-air TV and radio channels by simply connecting a dish antenna to a roof or side wall.

Life without set-up boxes?

There are specifications for digital television receivers with satellite tuners released by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In order to manufacture such television sets, television manufacturers would need to follow these specifications.

The majority of paid and unpaid channels are currently available through set-top boxes at the moment. It is required for viewers to use a set-top box for free-to-air channels (non-encrypted) transmitted by Doordarshan.

At present, Doordarshan is in the process of phasing out analogue transmissions. The free-to-air channels will be broadcast using digital satellite transmission by Doordarshan. There is a need for television receivers with an inbuilt satellite tuner in order to receive these free-to-air channels without the use of a set-top box. Other than television receiver specifications, the BIS has also published specifications for chargers and surveillance cameras.

One charger for all? 

BIS has also published a standard for Type C receptacles, plugs, and cables, or just common chargers. This allows requirements for USB Type-C ports, plugs and cables for use in various electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks etc.

In the past, consumers had to keep separate chargers for the different devices they used, which increased their expenditure and led to inconveniences along with a rise in e-waste. For years, countries across the globe have been trying to address this issue to make things easier for the consumer.