DxOMark Updates Its Mobile Camera Test Protocol, Google Pixel Regains The Top Slot

DxOMark, an industry standard for photography benchmark has updated its test protocol for mobile cameras. This is the first time DxO has updated its test methods since it introduced the original DxOMark Mobile test protocol in 2012. It was the era of smartphones such as Apple iPhone 4 and 5, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, the Nokia 808, and the HTC 8X. Actually, Apple iPhone 4 was the first smartphone to be tested for DxOMark Mobile.


The DxoMark ranking list for smartphones first made the buzz in October last year with the launch of Google Pixel. With a score of 89, the Google Pixel topped the list surpassing the iPhone 7 Plus which scored 88 on the DxOMark rating. Recently, HTC U11 replaced the Google Pixel by getting a score of 90, hence achieving the top position. However, that didn’t last long. Today, with the launch of new test protocol, Google Pixel has regained the top position with an updated score of 90.


Over the past few years, there have been numerous upgrades in smartphone photography. To accommodate new technological innovations such as Bokeh Effects, in-sensor phase detection, DxoMark has redesigned Mobile test protocol. Here are some new elements which are added to the new testing protocol:

  • A new zoom sub-score that is based on extensive testing at multiple focal lengths
  • A new bokeh sub-score based on lab and outdoor testing
  • Motion-based test scenes for more accurate evaluation of camera performance and processing techniques in real-world situations


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