Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan launched in India for Rs 25,900

On: June 20, 2019

Dyson has launched a new Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan in India. The device works on Dyson Core Flow technology and aims to provide purified and cooled air.

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Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan: specifications and features

The appliance has been launched to curb indoor pollutants in Indian cities, says the company. It relies on the Dyson Core Flow technology which projects a stream of precise air to cool and provide clean air throughout the year. The angle of the airflow can be adjusted via the dome on top. To enhance customisation, the appliance features a 70-degree oscillation as well. It features an LCD screen to show airflow speed, modes and filter life. Since the device makes use of air projection to release cool air, it doesn’t feature any blades and hence is safe to use around children and pets.

The Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan is also equipped with a HEPA filter that is capable of capturing 99.5 percent of minuscule particles. Allergens such as pollen and bacteria are not allowed to breed and compromise the air quality of a user’s household and office space. In fact, the appliance is also capable of absorbing gas and foul odours. Additionally, the filter is kitted with a layer of acoustic accentuation foam that absorbs excess noise during operations.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air purifier and fan launched

Furthermore, the Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan features a light sensing system. It tracks the ambient light and customises the brightness of its LCD screen to complement the surroundings. Users can also set a sleep timer so that the appliance is turned off automatically after a required interval of time. The purifier carries built-in reminders which show when a change of filter is required.

Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan: price and availability

The appliance has been launched in two shades – White/Silver and Black/Nickel. The Dyson Pure Cool Me air purifier and fan is priced at Rs 25,900 and is available for purchase.

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