Dyson unveils its ‘Pet Grooming Kit’ for mess-free grooming


  • Dyson has launched its new Pet Grooming Kit at Rs 9,900
  • It is available on Dyson’s official website and Dyson Demo stores

If you own a pet, then Dyson has something for you. The company has launched its Pet Groom Kit in India. It allows pet parents to brush loose hair off their pet directly into the Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners. The grooming kit works with any of the company’s existing cord-free vacuum cleaners. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Pet Grooming Kit.

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Features 

dyson pet grooming kit

The kit comes with a pet grooming tool, a quick-release adaptor, and an extension hose, with the brush having 364 slicker bristles slanted at 35 degrees flex in an upright position, which may aid in brushing. According to the company, the brush bar has a conical form that prevents hair from wrapping around it.

Besides, the new brush bar comes with 56 hair removal vanes that help collect all hair in the cleaner head. The brush can be used with the power supply, but to suck all the hairs, you will have to power on the vacuum. It will also remove all the invisible dander and dead skin flakes.

Commenting on the product launch, Nitika Ahlawat certified canine trainer, said, “I am constantly asked questions about the challenges of managing pet hair and maintaining cleanliness at home. Regular grooming of pets is an inescapable chore for maintaining hygiene for both the pet and the family. Daily home grooming of pets helps get rid of loose hair but helps regulate the pets’ natural oils throughout their skin, keeping their coat nice and shiny. The Pet groom tool is designed to instantly remove loose pet hair and suck it directly into the bin, preventing it from falling around your home. It saves a lot of time and effort in doing the grooming as well as cleaning post your pet’s grooming, making it easier to do this chore regularly.”

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit Price and Availability

The Dyson Pet Grooming Kit costs Rs 9,900, and it will be available at Dyson’s official website and Dyson Demo stores.

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