Dyson’s new ANC headphones include a wearable air purifier: All you need to know


  • Dyson has unveiled a unique set of headphones with a detachable air purifier
  • Known as the Dyson Zone, this headphones/air purifier combo has a steep price tag
  • Dyson will launch the product in key markets, with no information available on the Indian launch date

Noise cancelling headphones are not particularly rare. But what about a pair of ANC headphones with a dedicated air purifier? Dyson, a renowned name in the air purifier business, has freshly announced this unique product, known as the Dyson Zone. It will be available in select markets early next year, bearing an exorbitant price tag. However, there’s no word yet on whether this product will be available in India.

As you can see from the images below, the design of these headphones/wearable air purifier is similar to the Razer Zephyr, which was launched amid the COVID-19 pandemic when masking was mandatory in most parts of the world. But much like the Zephyr, wearers of the Dyson Zone will have to get used to the constant eyeballs (and possibly ridicule) when using it in public.

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Fortunately, the air purification visor can be removed on the Dyson Zone, effectively converting it into a regular pair of ANC headphones. So while Dyson isn’t the first to come up with a wearable air purification device, the manufacturer has certainly done its homework on the concept.

Dyson Zone features and battery life

Dyson uses a total of 11 microphones with the Zone headphones, eight of which are in operation when noise cancellation is enabled. The company has also packed the necessary hardware to ensure excellent audio quality. Dyson says the Zone headphones can reproduce frequencies ranging from 6Hz-21kHz. Voice calls are also a breeze with built-in features like noise suppression technology and dual-mic beamforming.

While the company’s announcement doesn’t mention much about the battery life, it can run for around 50 hours, provided the air filtration visor isn’t in use. The onboard air purifier, also called the detachable visor, can circulate purified air through the nose and mouth. Thanks to the presence of electrostatic filters, it can trap 99% of particle pollution (up to 0.1 microns). Additionally, the purification system includes carbon filters enhanced with potassium to negate harmful and acidic emissions mostly found in the cities.

Unfortunately, the battery life dips to four hours when using the air purification system at minimum speed, whereas the “Mid” and “High” modes reduce the Dyson Zone’s run time to 2.5 hours and 1.5 hours. The battery can be fully recharged in just 3 hours using the onboard USB-C port, though. A few other sensors are included with the air purifier, monitoring emissions at regular intervals. The company’s MyDyson app allows users to track the levels of NO2 around them in real-time.

A screengrab from the MyDyson app

Dyson Zone price and availability

Dyson said the Zone would make its way to China in January, while regions like the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore will get it in March. Interested buyers will have to shell out the regional equivalent of $949 (~Rs 78,000). An Indian launch date hasn’t been announced yet.