Editorial Policy

Founded in 2012, Pricebaba is a digital content platform that connects readers to the world of technology. Our editorial content is published on the Pricebaba Daily blog, while the larger site is also an aggregated marketplace for various electronic items including smartphones, laptops and home appliances, among others.

Being trusted by our audience has always been our priority, and as such, all editorial staff are required to abide by a strict ethics policy.

Editorial ethics statement

Pricebaba prides itself on having a team of writers who publish honest, unbiased content. Whether in our news or reviews, we strive to report the truth, free of any influence from advertisers or brands.

These are the core guidelines which the editorial team stand by:

  • We do not accept any sort of compensation from PR firms or brands
  • We do not allow brands to review stories before they are published
  • We do not allow brands to dictate any changes in seemingly critical content
  • Writers are not allowed to cover any company in which there might be a personal conflict
  • In cases where brands pay for a writer’s travel and accomodation to cover an event, we disclose this in any resulting coverage


All reviews are written independently, and are the honest opinion of the writer. We ensure that reviews are objective, with both the pros and cons of products being clearly highlighted so that readers can make an informed decision before a purchase. Our reviews are never sponsored.

We receive review units from brands, however these are accepted on a returnable basis. We adhere to the brand’s stipulated time frame of a loaned review unit. In some cases, we might request a brand to let us keep a unit for a longer period for deeper testing of subsequent software updates, or comparisons with competing devices.

We strictly adhere to all embargoes given by brands, in cases where we may receive a product or information ahead of an official announcement.

Advertising and sponsored content

Advertisements, such as banners on the website are handled by the sales team, and the editorial team is not involved in such business activities. may earn an affiliate fee if you purchase a product on an e-commerce platform via product listings on our website. These earnings do not influence our editorial coverage of said products or platforms.

All sponsored content on the website is clearly highlighted with the “Brand Story” tag and author. We use the same tag on all other platforms where this content is distributed.

Other platforms

Pricebaba is also distributed on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and YouTube. Our editorial guidelines apply to all our channels, including the use of the “Brand Story” tag for sponsored content.

Corrections and feedback

Pricebaba’s team strives to be accurate in its reporting, however, some lapses may occur. In cases like these, we will promptly make a correction in the copy. Sometimes, this might require us to remove or modify the original content.

We welcome feedback from our readers. All our writers can be reached via the About Us page. Alternatively, readers can send us feedback here.