Electrolux launches a new range of air purifiers in India; price, specs, and availability


  • Electrolux has launched a series of air purifiers in India
  • This new range is divided into three series: Korbu, Aspen, and Himalaya 
  • These air purifiers are available on Amazon, and the price starts from Rs 20,990 

In order to expand its air-purifier portfolio, Electrolux launched a new range of air purifiers in the Indian market. The new range of air purifiers is divided into three series: Korbu, Aspen, and Himalaya. These air purifiers feature in-built WiFi connectivity and some unique features.

The company claims that the new air purifiers have filters that can kill up to 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses. These air purifiers are available on Amazon India. So let’s check out its features, specifications and pricing.

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electrolux air purifiers cover photo

Korbu Air Purifiers

There are two models in the Korbu series: A3 and A4. It employs a four-stage filtering system that is claimed to collect micro-dust, odours, dangerous airborne chemicals, and eliminates bacteria by up to 99.99 per cent. The Korbu UltimateHome 300 A3 costs Rs 20,990, while the UltimateHome 500 A4 costs Rs 36,990.

Aspen Air Purifiers

The Aspen series comes in two variants: Well A7 and Well A5. These portable air purifiers can be floor-standing or wall-mounted and come in an array of fabric covers to match your home design. They pack in a five-stage filtration system with an ionizer that promises to kill 99.99% of bacteria and the H1N1 virus. The Aspen WA51-305GY Well A7 is priced at Rs 54,500, while the WA71-305WT Well A5 costs Rs 47,990.

Himalaya Air Purifiers

The Himalaya series offers a single variant — A9 406. It boasts a ‘PureSense’ feature that continuously monitors air quality and changes the purifying rate accordingly. The Himalaya PA91-406DG A9 406 costs Rs 65,990.