Elon Musk says Twitter will allow users to turn off the view count


  • Elon Musk reveals new Twitter feature.
  • Users can now see a total number of views on a post.

Users of Twitter have begun receiving the enhanced view count feature. With the updated feature, users can see the total number of views on a post. A few days after the rollout, Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter would make some changes to the view count feature. The announcement allows users to turn off the view count if they wish.

In a reply to a Twitter user, Musk revealed the new design of the platform. Musk responded, “We’ll add a setting to turn it off, but I think most people will grow to like it.”

People who don’t know about the updated view count feature should have started seeing it a couple of days ago. Similar to YouTube videos, the feature shows the view count for all tweets. Previously, this feature was only available to account owners via their tweet analytics tools.

Here’s how you can check views of your tweets

If you want to know how many people have viewed your tweets, there’s a way to do that. If you tap on your tweet, you will see a small graph with “View Tweet activity” written alongside it.

You can check the total number of impressions here, which indicates how many times that tweet has been read by others. Additionally, you can see the number of times this tweet has been viewed on your Twitter profile.

It also includes details like new followers, which indicate the number of new followers you have received as a result of this tweet. You can also check engagement details, which show the number of times a user has interacted with a tweet.