Engineering students from Kerala garner global recognition for electric car concept


  • The project was developed by 19 students from the institution, collectively known as Pravega
  • A prototype of the Vandy electric car was tested at Indonesia’s Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit
  • This electric car only weighs 80 kilograms

Human ingenuity has no limits. Students of the Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, have proven this notion once again by earning global recognition for developing an electric car named Vandy. This project was put together by 19 students from the aforementioned institution, collectively known as Pravega. The team was mentored by Acsia Technologies, a company known for developing automotive software.

The Pravega Vandy was showcased at Indonesia’s Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit as part of the Shell Eco-Marathon 2022. Notably, Pravega won the International Award for Safety from DuPont during the course of the event while earning an honourable mention under the International Award for Technical Innovation category. This electric car also comes with safety features, such as an AI-based system that can gauge the driver’s sobriety, and decide whether they can drive the car.

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Kalyani S Kumar, the leader of the Pravega team expressed the team’s joy at the recent developments. “It’s truly an accomplishment for us. This project offered us a unique opportunity to utilise and widen our engineering skills to create something which is sustainable and environmentally friendly,” Kumar said. Overall, it took the team a total of 10 months to finish the project.

The Pravega Vandy can reach a top speed of 27 kmph, while it weighs a miserly 80 kilograms. Design cues were taken from tiger sharks which are under threat due to the growing amount of plastic in the oceans. The Vandy’s drivetrain includes a thermal battery management system which is built with the help of PCM 1-Tetradecanol. Furthermore, the Pravega team has also published a research paper on the matter in the journal of Sustainable Energy Technologies And Assessments.

Presenting their prototype at the Shell Eco-Marathon will no doubt have given Team Pravega a world of confidence. For those unaware, the Shell Eco-Marathon is a global competition bringing together students from around the world with the goal of building eco-friendly and sustainable automobiles. As of now, the competition allows both ICE and electric cars.


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