Epson L485 Printer Review

On: January 7, 2018

Epson is a brand synonymous with high quality printers. This company has been around for quite a long time and has been known to manufacture printers of different sizes and purposes. We tried out the Epson L485 printer for a few days to test everything that it has to offer. Epson has positioned the machine to be suitable for homes and small sized offices. Let’s have a closer look at how this device performs.

At the first glance, the device looks similar to other conventional printers though it has got a modern aesthetic appeal. It has a detachable ink tank on its right side. It is important to be careful while handling the printer when setting it up. This is largely because the ink tank is connected to the main printer via fragile connections and can dismantle if not handled well.

The inkjet printer features an overall glossy finish which is quite a fingerprint magnet. Opening the first lid reveals a glass surface. This is where documents required to be scanned must be placed. It is important to keep this surface clean and dust free to get a good scan of your document. On both sides of the printer are two ridges which can be used to further open the printer to reveal the underlying mechanism. This is quite ideal in the event a paper gets stuck and needs to be removed to resume printing.

On the backside of the appliance, is where its input ports are located. The power input port and the USB cable input are located on the bottom of the backside and are difficult to find. However, once connected, it is something you wouldn’t have to worry about until you decide to relocate the device. As usual, the paper tray is located on the back and provides a paper lock as well to hold them in place. Once set to print a document, it jerks and pulls sheets of paper in. While doing so, the printer tends to misalign the paper at times and can print offset documents. Hence, care must be taken to lock the sheets in place before proceeding with printing.

Being a multimedia printer, the device is not only restricted to taking in signal input through USB but it can also be fed printable content through a SDXC card support or using the device as a cloud printer. On the front, Epson has equipped the printer with a power button, a home button, and four navigation keys with a central ‘OK’ button. There are two more buttons on the right side to cancel the ongoing operation. In the center of the front panel is a 1.44-inch LCD screen to allow quick operations. It’s a non-touch display and the interface can be accessed and controlled through the provided buttons. But these buttons are a bit flimsy which makes the whole dashboard shake while you click them.

It has a multitude of features along with all the basic functions like printing, copying and scanning. The L485 comes with a maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi. It supports multiple paper sizes that include A4, A5, A6 and B5. You can put up to 100 papers at once in this Epson printer.

The colour reproduction of the printer isn’t as impressive as the other aspects though, colours were warm and weren’t as accurate as they look on the screen. However, scanning documents results in accurate colours and don’t consume much time too.

In our tests, colour print-outs took approximately 15 seconds consistently without slowing down even after continuous prints. The time for Black and White prints was slightly less for obvious reasons. On an average, it can churn out around 8-9 prints a minute. But the printing speeds vastly depend on the quality of print you choose. Scanning a page takes approximately 20 seconds which is good enough for everyday use.

Connecting the printer to WiFi is a seamless process and it enables multiple useful functionalities. Some of the options included are Epson iPrint, Remote Print Driver, Scan to Cloud and Email Printer. This is one of the most impressive aspects about the printer as being connected to the Wi-Fi allows anyone in the office or home to give a command without any hassles. No need of connecting the printer to each machine, if it’s in the same Wi-Fi network, you can get the job done. However, using the printer wirelessly will lead to slightly slower operations which comes as a trade-off for the convenience it offers.


For the price (Rs. 16,199) it costs, the Epson L485 is a good overall machine that ticks the right boxes. Although there are a few misses, it depends on your priorities whether these things matter to you. There are various features in the printer that use wireless connectivity and they all work seamlessly. The printing speed is decent but the scanning is quick and results in a good output. It can be a good choice for homes and small sized offices where the printing needs aren’t too much.


Valuable contributions from Hannan Mansoori.

Aditya Mohanty

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