Excitel broadband plans 2021: best Excitel broadband plans in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, more

Excitel broadband plans are now available in over 19 cities in the country. One of the fastest-growing Internet service providers in the country, the company offers super-fast FTTH broadband plans to your doorstep. The company offers fiber broadband plans with 100Mbps, 200Mbps, and 300Mbps speeds across all circles. The best part about Excitel is that there is no data limit or FUP in place.

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Excitel broadband plans have been categorised into three types – for streamers, for downloaders, and for gamers, according to the official website. The service is available in major cities like Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, and Lucknow among others. If you are in one of these cities and wondering which plans are available for you, here’s a primer.

Excitel broadband plans 2021: speed, FUP, validity

Excitel operates in 19 cities and offer three Fiber First plans to users

Excitel operates in 19 cities and offers three Fiber First plans to users

Excitel’s streamers, gamers and downloaders categories have prices listed for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions. The company also offers 3-month and 9-month plans for its users. Here are the details of all plans.

Excitel Rs 699 Fiber First plan for streamers

This plan is for those who don’t need super high-speed data or as Excitel calls them, streamers. The plan offers 100Mbps speeds to users and doesn’t have a data limit. The plan is being offered in 1-month, 3-month, 4-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month tenures. These are priced at Rs 699, Rs 1,695, Rs 2,032, Rs 2,940, Rs 3,816, and Rs 4,788, respectively.

There are no FUP restrictions or data limits in place and users can enjoy unlimited data at the promised speed for the whole month. According to the FAQs on the official website, “There is no data limit or “Fair Usage Policies” to impose a restriction on your internet connection. The connection speed never drops during the entire month, irrespective of the amount of data used.”

Excitel Rs 799 Fiber First plan for downloaders

This Excitel Fiber First plan is for users who download a lot of content online and need a faster speed for quick downloads. This plan offers a data speed of 200Mbps with no data limit or FUP restriction in place. The monthly and quarterly subscriptions are priced at Rs 799 and Rs 1,914, respectively.

The semi-annual and annual tenure for this plan cost Rs 3,270 and Rs 5,388, respectively. Lastly, the 4-month subscription will cost you Rs 2,288 and 9-month plan’s price is set Rs 4,239.

Excitel Rs 899 Fiber First plan for gamers

This plan is for those who delve into online gaming and need a super-fast data speed to have consistent online gaming server connection. The Excitel Fiber First plan for gamers offer a speed of 300Mbps.

The 1-month, 3-month, and 4-month subscription retail at Rs 899, Rs 2,256, and Rs 2,544, respectively. Furthermore, the 6-month plan is charged at Rs 3,600, 9-month plan at Rs 4,797, and 12-month subscription at Rs 5,988.

Duration (in months)For Streamers (100Mbps)For downloaders (200Mbps)For gamers (300Mbps)
1Rs 699Rs 799Rs 899
3Rs 1,695Rs 1,914Rs 2,256
4Rs 2,032Rs 2,288Rs 2,544
6Rs 2,940Rs 3,270Rs 3,600
9Rs 3,816Rs 4,239Rs 4,797
12Rs 4,788Rs 5,388Rs 5,988

Is there any FUP on Excitel broadband plans?

According to Excitel, it doesn’t believe in having a Fair Usage Policy or enforce traffic management. Hence, there is no FUP or data limit in place on any of Excitel Broadband plans. As such, all plans offer unlimited data at the speeds advertised throughout the billing period, irrespective of the amount of data used.

Excitel broadband installation charges

Excitel doesn’t levy any installation charges for the fiber connection installation. However, the ISP charges a one-time refundable deposit of Rs 2,000 for the modem. However, Excitel doesn’t offer the Wi-Fi router required for the connection. According to the FAQs section of the ISP, the customer need to purchase a router separately. According to the company, the local partners offer routers at competitive prices and the customer can choose one from them.

Free OTT apps offered with Excitel

Excitel is offering an Excitel Entertainment Offer Pack to users, but the catch is that it’s not available to all and with all plans. The entertainment pack is bundled with the 300Mbps plan for 3-months. Users will get free 90 days subscription of ZEE5, VOOT Select, Eros Now, and ShemarooMe.

In which cities is Excitel broadband service available?

Excitel had announced that it wants to expand its services in 50 cities across the country. However, currently, the ISP is only operational in 19 cities. The list include Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Lucknow, Jaipur, Jhansi, Guntur, Visakhapatnam, Unnao, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Nizamabad, Khammam, Kakinada, Bhimavaram, and Mangalore.

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