Exclusive: Apple Set to Increase iPhone Prices In India From Mid-August!

A lot has been written and spoken about the iPhone prices in the past few months. By all accounts, Apple has come down hard on the discounting model that seems to be sweeping India and strict instructions have been given to the retailers and sellers not to discount out the prices. According to an exclusive information received by Pricebaba, it looks like that is not enough and Apple actually is planning to increase the iPhone prices starting from the mid of this month.

PB-Apple iPhone pricing

An educated guess would be that Apple would actually reduce the prices given that we are about a month or so away from the launch of the iPhone 7, if the industry sources are to be believed. However, that does not seem to be happening and there is a considerable amount of increase in prices that Apple is planning. The iPhone 5s, 16GB for example, will be available at Rs 23,812 as DP (Dealer Price) including the VAT. If you are to compare the same today, the price of an iPhone 5s 16GB is roughly around Rs 20,800 if you pick it from Amazon.

The iPhone 6s 16GB on the other hand, will be sold at a DP+VAT of Rs 54,427. The current best price of the iPhone 6s 16GB on Amazon is Rs 46,400. With Apple looking at normalising nd bringing parity in offline and online pricing, you could expect the effects to show up online as well. If you are looking to buy a new iPhone rather than waiting for the iPhone 7, perhaps the best time is to go ahead and pick it up today.

Credit to PhoneRadar, who got the MRP originally.

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