Facebook Chatbots Want You to Make Payment Transactions on Messenger

Since the advent of chatbots, Facebook is consistently opting for a number of experiments that are aimed at bridging the gap between artificial intelligence (AI) and human conversations. As of now, there are over thirty thousand Messenger chatbots operational already. Meanwhile, Facebook’s focus has also shifted to offering businesses the best possible solutions to connect with their audience, in addition to solidifying its Messenger platform. As a result, the social networking company is now offering businesses an option to integrate the in-app payment system right within their Chatbots without redirecting users to their website or payment gateways.


Facebook is getting started by integrating in-app payment options into chatbots, which will enable businesses to sell their services and products directly right inside Messenger. Meaning, customers will no longer require to leave Messenger behind and get busy with making payments on external websites. Facebook, in its official statement, said that customers will now end up making the purchases with a few clicks while interacting with chatbots. As a result, customers will also get to know what the particular product or service is all about and make a final check out then and there itself without giving it a second thought or getting distracted due to  third-party redirections.

Although this feature is only accessible in the United States at the moment, a wider rollout is expected to take place by the end of 2016. Not just that, this feature is currently in beta and only accessible to some developers. However, businesses can opt for this by making use of the Messenger developer page. Users can also store their payment information on Facebook as well as the Messenger. Hence, users will possibly avail faster checkouts while having the conversations with business chatbots. In March 2015, Facebook had partnered Stripe and PayPal to allow payments and money transfers over Messenger.


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