Facebook starts merging Instagram chats and Messenger

Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had revealed that the company plans on unifying all three of its apps – Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp – allowing users to message each other across the platforms. Now Facebook has started merging Instagram Direct Messages with its Messenger app, to enable integrated chat systems on both the apps. 

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The Verge reported that some users at the publication started receiving a pop-up update screen on the Instagram app on both Android and iOS devices. The update message read ‘There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram’ with a list of new features. 

Facebook merges Instagram Direct messages and Messenger

The Instagram-Messenger integration will allow users to cross message without having to switch apps

The new update to Instagram embeds Messenger functionality in the photo-sharing app. This way, users can access both their inboxes from the same place. The DM icon on the top right corner is replaced by the Facebook Messenger logo. The update also brings changes to the DM feature, including a colourful chat screen, more emoji reactions and swipe to reply function. The Messenger integration seems to be useful for Instagram users who are not very active on Facebook. However, The Verge added that it was not able to message Facebook users from the photo-sharing platform at the time of writing this post. 

The update is not available to all users yet as it is likely to be rolled out in stages. The Facebook-owned company hasn’t made an official announcement about it either. It’s worth noting that the update is optional, and users who want to keep two inboxes separate can select the ‘Not Now’ option at the bottom of the pop-up update screen. Additionally, users will still be able to receive message requests on Instagram from Facebook accounts. 

The Instagram-Messenger integration confirms Facebook’s plans of unifying its messaging platforms to enable cross-messaging across WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Earlier this year, the social media platform started rolling out direct messaging feature to its web interface.  


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