FIFA World Cup 2022: Indian fans frustrated with JioCinema after poor streaming experience


  • Fans crowded social media with complaints
  • JioCinema acknowledged the issues, claiming the team is hard at work to resolve them
  • Some fans expressed surprise and anger at Voot’s decision not to stream World Cup games

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is officially underway, with Ecuador pipping host nation Qatar 2-0 in the tournament opener. While the rest of the world was intensely watching the contest, fans in India were disappointed with the lack of quality streaming options. JioCinema, which offers free streaming of World Cup games, appeared to suffer the most, with several users complaining about freezing issues and overall poor streaming quality.

These concerns were so widespread that even JioCinema acknowledged the issue on Twitter, saying that their team is hard at work to resolve the issues, accompanied by a recent viral video of men working at an oil rig. Nevertheless, this wasn’t enough to assuage fans who felt they were deprived of a good game with the app’s constant interruptions.

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It seems like the JioCinema servers weren’t equipped to handle the sheer volume of individuals tuning in for the World Cup opener. However, JioCinema hasn’t confirmed that this is what led to the subpar streaming experience for fans.

For what it’s worth, JioCinema’s streaming of the first World Cup game worked fine on mobile devices. However, many faced issues with the service on their laptops or while using it on their Smart TVs.

Voot is no longer streaming the 2022 FIFA World Cup games

While many would find it hard to complain about a service that is offered for free, there are a lot of football fans who have subscribed to Voot after checking the streaming service’s schedule. However, Voot appears to have pulled all broadcasts of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, taking some users by surprise. It’s hard not to imagine the anger of fans who actually paid for uninterrupted streaming of World Cup games only to realize that games are no longer being broadcast on the app.

With several games still to go in the tournament, fans hope the issues are resolved sooner rather than later. With many households cutting the cord and relying almost entirely on streaming services, such instances can make us recognize the value of a conventional television setup.