Finally Google Keyboard Gets Updated To Gboard For Android

Great news for all Android smartphone users out there. Google Keyboard which will soon be known as Gboard has finally made its way to Android phones. Ever since Google launched Gboard for the iOS users, all the Android users were left bewildered wondering why it was not launched for Android.

Gboard - Google Keyboard

Finally, the search giant is rebranding the Google Keyboard app as Gboard which will be available for the Android 6.0 and above. The company is currently rolling out the Gboard update through the Play Store. However, the name and description of Google Keyboard is still intact and haven’t changed so far.

As the name suggests, the Gboard integrates the Google search results within the keyboard. It is a keyboard which lets you Google search, send GIFs, emojis and more without leaving the app. It does take multitasking to another level where you don’t need to leave the current app to look up information, thus save you a couple of app switches.

It also let you fill the Google search results right into the keyboard without the need of copy/paste. With Gboards, you just tap on the Google result, and it will automatically fill the result into the text box. With the Google icon right there on the keyboard, you can easily search anything such as restaurant info, flight times, news articles, animated GIFs, even dig through the thousands of new emojis just with a tap.

As usual with Google apps rollout, it will take few weeks to reach this update to your Android phone. Earlier, Google also rolled out an update to Play Store, tweaking the design and look of the app to a new card-style layout.

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