Firefox Launches Quantum, its Fastest Browser Yet

On: November 15, 2017

Firefox had been beta testing a new browser called Quantum since a year and it is finally out for everyone. The browser is available to download for all desktop as well as mobile operating systems. Mozilla claims that Quantum is twice as fast as the existing Firefox from six months ago. The company is betting high on competing with Google Chrome through this offering, which currently holds about 60% market share and is the dominant browser.

The Firefox Quantum is majorly positioned as a super-fast browser and something that allows you to make tons of customizations. When checked for browser speed, the Quantum edges out Google Chrome by a small margin. When we tried it out for Windows, the marginally faster speed was evident in comparison to Chrome. The new Firefox browser comes with a sleek new UI which offers a better experience for users and lets them carry out multiple tasks in a faster way.

One of the best things about the Firefox Quantum is its ability to handle multiple tabs with minimum RAM usage. Chrome is notorious and is highly critiqued for sucking up a lot of RAM for similar tasks. Quantum requires less memory than Chrome to run the same number of tabs. This might be a deal breaker for a lot of users reliant on heavy multitasking or browsing on a system with low memory. According to Firefox, it consumes 30% less memory than Chrome. 

There are many other features included in the new browser. Since Mozilla owns Pocket, it helps you in showing recommendations of which sites to view when you open a new tab. There’s a night mode included which reverses the overall browser colour. Private browsing in Quantum works similar to what was available in Firefox and no major changes can be seen on that front.

Firefox now uses Google as the default search engine instead of Yahoo! in countries like US, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Other countries might follow soon. This change comes as a part of contract termination between Yahoo! and Mozilla.

Mozilla always opens up its projects for contributors and Quantum was no exception. There were around 700 authors who contributed in writing the code for the new browser. You can download the Firefox Quantum browser here. Let us know your experience in the comments below.



Aditya Mohanty

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