Fitbit Launches Ionic Smartwatch with Unique Capabilities

Fitbit is known worldwide for manufacturing quality stand-alone fitness bands. This is about to change as Fitbit has launched its own smartwatch variant is known as the Fitbit Ionic. This is Fitbit’s attempt to compete against the heavy weight in this segment, the Apple watch Series 2.

In terms of features, onboard the Fitbit Ionic is its water resistant build, which enables it to not only make it durable in water but also allow it to track swimming activities similar to the Apple Watch.  The Smartwatch will also feature a SpO2 sensor. This sensor can detect blood oxygen levels which can be beneficial information that users can share with their doctors as well as personally track it. It also will feature other conventional sensors found on all other smartwatches such as a pedometer,heart-rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, and GPS among others.

In terms of design, the smartwatch features a nano-molded unibody made out of lightweight 6000 series aerospace-grade aluminum that is both sturdy and durable. The display on the smartwatch features a fairly bright display that can go all the way up to 1000 nits to enable the user to be able to use the watch in broad daylight. To make the smartwatch further stand the test of time, Fitbit has included Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection from Corning. The smartwatch also comes with the option to easily swap bands to keep you from getting bored with just one colour variation, so go ahead mix and match!

To differentiate this product from other Fitbit fitness bands, the company has included a bunch of smart features. The Fitibit Ionic is capable of processing payments similar to its Apple counterpart, thanks to its inbuilt NFC chip, for example. Not only that, but the smartwatch is capable of storing and playing up to 300 songs owing to its inbuilt memory storage. Also, not to leave fitness aspect behind, the Ionic sports a companion app that can be customised as per your needs and even feature a personal fitness coach. In terms of connectivity with your smartphone, the Fitbit Ionic is capable of displaying your notifications straight on your wrist, saving you that dive into your pocket to get your phone.

The Fitbit Ionic has been launched for a price of USD 299.95 which translates roughly around Rs. 19,200.  You can expect the price to be around the 20,000 mark when it is expected to launch in India together with other worldwide markets starting October 2017. What are your views on this upcoming smartwatch? Do you think it’s worth a purchase over the Apple Watch?

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