Five Features of macOS Sierra For Which You Must Update from El Capitan

macOS Sierra was announced at the WWDC in June. Soon after the event, Apple announced that interested users can install a Public Beta of the latest OS for Mac to help Apple iron out the flaws. Apple officially announced the roll out for macOS Sierra for public yesterday so you can all now enjoy the first macOS release after Apple killed the OSX branding.


Here are five features that really stand out on macOS Sierra that you would really want, prompting you to update.



If you are using an iOS product, be it an iPhone or iPad, you would have used Siri. It is the voice assistant that basically takes dictation from you to get things done like setting up reminders, weather updates, toggling settings and more. Siri makes way to your Mac with macOS Sierra. Therefore, you can launch apps using Siri or set up reminders or even read your Twitter feed without having to do it yourself. You may want to use a microphone for sending commands to Siri as in our experience of using the inbuilt microphone, Siri had a hard time interpreting the words given the environment was fairly noisy.

Pin Siri Results in Notification Center

Often you ask something from Siri and need to keep a hold of that information. It could be a weather forecast or an important reminder. With macOS Sierra, you can pin some of the results that matter to you and access them quickly in future from your Notification center. It is extremely simple to do this, all you need to do is to ask Siri a question and when you have the answer, you will see a plus icon on the top right-hand side of the card, which on being clicked, will place the window in the notification center. You can then go ahead, click on Edit in the Notification Center and simply remove the pinned result when you are done with it or simply hit the cross button on the top right.

Unlock Your Mac Using an Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you will no longer be needed to enter the password on your lockscreen as long as you are accessing the laptop while wearing the Apple Watch. This is not the most straightforward thing to do as you have to basically go into the security settings, turn on the option to allow your Mac to be unlocked using your watch and then setup a passcode on your Apple Watch to unlock the system using the Watch. Once you have set it all up, the unlocking is blazing fast, though there is always that fear that if you by mistake leave your watch on the desk and decide to take a walk outside, someone can very well easily unlock your system and have all the access.

Make Storage Space Available

Apple has deeply integrated iCloud Drive into macOS Sierra. If you are using say a 128GB MacBook, then chances are you are always keeping a bird’s eye on the space that you have on your SSD. You do not want that popup that you have run out of space on your machine to come too often. To cater to this, on Sierra, automatically, the files that you do not use very often, or in folders that are not accessed every day will be sent to your iCloud. If you want to access the files, you can go ahead and download them locally without a problem. If you do not like the sound of it and work a lot offline, this feature can easily be turned off as well, so that all your data is stored on the machine itself and readily available when you need it.

Universal Clipboard

If you use your iPhone and MacBook in synergy, you will love this feature. With Sierra, you will be able to have all your copied text synced with iCloud, so if you have a device that is synced with the same account, all you need to do is to hit the paste command and it will paste the text. Imagine this scenario, you are reading an article on your smartphone and want to use the link on your desktop, currently, you would have to either mail yourself the link or just see and type it in the browser window, all you need to do now is to copy the article URL on your phone, and on your Mac, simply hit Cmd+V and viola. This will work between any devices, that are logged in to the same iTunes account.

This is not all, as macOS Sierra has plenty of other interesting features such as tabs in system apps like maps, numbers etc or having pop out window for Youtube videos on Safari. So go ahead and update your Mac, and do let us know in the section below, which feature was the one that impressed you the most.

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