Five Smartphones Launched in 2015 That Are Still a Good Purchase

It has become a trend, where every OEM out there ensures that there is a yearly upgrade on their flagship phones. Every year, the phones become faster and that bit more powerful, but by in large, look like they did last year and have a similar feature set. So if you are not looking to spend an absolute top dollar on your next smartphone, you have two choices. You can go in for one of those devices that claim to be a flagship killer, where the specifications are in line with the current flagships or you can pick up a flagship of last year, which is perfectly capable of performing, even though it may not be express quick. If you are brand cautious and want to truly pick a flagship device only, then you fall in to the second category, and for you, we have five smartphones from the year 2015, that we think still make for a pretty good purchase n 2016.

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Motorola Moto X Style

The Moto X Style makes the list on two grounds: the fact that the phone is as close to a stock Android device as you could ask for therefore guaranteeing you timely updates and the second being that Flipkart, the Indian retail partner for Motorola seems to be giving very tasty discounts on the phone plus an exchange. For just under the price of Rs 21,000 (when on discount) with exchange for the 16GB variant where the phone has a dedicated Micro SD slot and two SIM card slots, the Moto X Style is a fine phone. Snapdragon 808 may not be the fastest processor and perhaps the battery life leaves a bit to be desired, but these two are not issues that will really put you off. There is turbo charger available to take care of the battery and 808 is very capable of running your day to day tasks well without hiccups. Also, you have a gorgeous display, a well built and premium eel to the phone and excellent speakers. The Moto X Style is yet to get the update for VoLTE enabling, but that should be in given that the X Play already has it. Overall, if you are looking to spend anywhere below Rs 25,000 keep an eye on the X Style and discounts on it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With the Galaxy Note 7 most likely to be launched in the second week of August, you can be sure on one thing that the previous year’s flagship the Note 5 will see a price drop. Already at the Great Indian Sale on Amazon, the Note 5 is available for as low as Rs 36,999. For a flagship device with a gorgeous display and pretty much the same design as the Note 7, with virtually every functionality carried over thanks to software update this is a good deal. You may want to wait and see if there are more price drops on the Note 5. It remains a dream phone for those who are looking for the perfect phablet and do a lot of editing and noting or doodling work on the go.


The LG G5 has been a bit of a disappointment by all accounts. Despite being the first phone with modular components the issues with QC and less than perfect finishing has made the G5 probably the weakest in the list of flagships that have been launched in 2016. yet, if you are an LG fan and want a solid phone with a pretty display the LG G4 is a good choice. Out of all the prime flagships that were released last year, incidentally the G4 is the most affordable, with it being available just under the Rs 30,000 mark. Just like the Moto X Style, the phone suffers from not the greatest battery backup, but other than that you have a very solid all round performer, even in 2016.

Nexus 6P

The new Nexus smartphones, allegedly made by HTC are due to hit the market sometime in the last quarter of the year. No doubt that these will punch a heavy knock out and come with the latest specs, but the Nexus 6P till date remains a prolific performer. With Snapdragon 810, fingerprint scanner, a very capable camera and a 2K display, the only thing that the 6P really falls short at is that it does not have a dual SIM configuration. Just like the Moto X Style, if you keep an eye on the discounts and price drops during the e-com sale, you will be able to pick up the Nexus 6P at a very very reasonable price. The phone is capable of giving most of the flagships launched in 2016 a solid run for the money and is still a very good purchase. Not to forget, that the 6P will be one of the first phones to get the Android Nougat update when it lands.

LeEco Le 1s

If you want to shop under the budget of Rs 10,000, then the Le 1s of late last year is a good choice for you. The phone has received a few software updates to make the software stable and you get a Full HD display, fingerprint scanner, a very decent camera and a full metal build under the price of Rs 10,000. What may hold you back is the software update to the latest Android, but that can be said for pretty much ll the phones in this category other than perhaps the Moto G 3rd generation, which lacks in a lot of other departments as compared to the Le 1s.  Worth mentioning that more often than not Flipkart has exchange offers on the LeEco Le 1s, so you can always get your older devices out and pick up the Le 1s. LeEco also offers a lot of video content thanks to the partnerships that the brand has forged.

Which of the above five phones would you consider if you have to pick one flagship of 2015, or would you much rather pick up one of the latest phones launched in 2016? Let us know in the comments section below or leave a message for us on Social Media. 

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