Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers for January 25th, 2021: check how to play and win supercoins, gems

On: January 25, 2021

Flipkart Daily Trivia is emerging as a platform for customers on India’s number one e-commerce platform to earn some rewards. The Walmart-owned company has revamped its online shopping platform to expand beyond commerce. It has expanded to offer supercoins, a video platform and even games.

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As part of this gaming experience, Flipkart also runs trivia on the platform. Yes, it is similar to Amazon Daily Quiz but also different in the core philosophy. From the timing of the quiz to the number of winners, Flipkart Daily Trivia is different in every possible way. The prizes are not that flashy either but it’s an opportunity to earn something nonetheless.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 25)

  • Gharanas
  • House
  • Salman Khan
  • Ricky Kej
  • Rajendra Kumar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz today: questions and answers for January 25th

Question 1: What do Kirana, Agra, Patiala, Gwalior signify in the world of classical music?

Option 1: Musical Instruments
Option 2: Gharanas
Option 3: Singers
Option 4: All of the above

Answer: Gharanas

Question 2: In which of these TV shoas do you see Hugh Laurie play the role of a doctor?

Option 1: ER
Option 2: Scrubs
Option 3: House
Option 4: Blackadder

Answer: House

Question 3: Who was the lead actor in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s debut film as a director?

Option 1: Salman Khan
Option 2: Shah Rukh Khan
Option 3: Ajay Devgn
Option 4: Amir Khan

Answer: Salman Khan

Question 4: Which Indian musician won a Grammy Award for the album ‘Winds of Samsara’?

Option 1: Karsh Kale
Option 2: Ricky Kej
Option 3: Vidya Vox
Option 4: R. D. Burman

Answer: Ricky Kej

Question 5: Which actor was nicknamed “Jubilee Kumar” as he gave many silver jubilee hits?

Option 1: Sanjeev Kumar
Option 2: Rajendra Kumar
Option 3: Manoj Kumar
Option 4: Akshay Kumar

Answer: Rajendra Kumar

What is Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz

Flipkart Daily Trivia is a daily contest that goes live at 12am and ends on 11:59pm

Flipkart Daily Trivia is a trivia event available in the games section of the application. As the name clearly implies, participants will be asked a range of trivia questions and you will need to answer them right to earn rewards. The rewards for these contests are usually free vouchers or Flipkart Supercoins.

The Daily Trivia quiz winners are also limited to 50,000 participants so it becomes important to participate as soon as you can. While Amazon Daily Quiz runs for only four hours, the Flipkart Daily Trivia goes live at 12am and ends at 11:59pm. You can participate at any time you want but the later you join the contest, your chances of winning goes down. The contest is only valid in India and is open only to consumers and not retailers of the products.

Flipkart reserves the right to terminate, withdraw, suspend, amend, extend, modify, add or remove portions of the contest. Participants are not bound in any way to participate and Flipkart reserves the right to declare the winner. The contest is subject to force majeure circumstances and Flipkart reserves the right to disqualify participants.

Steps to play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz contest

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz

The final screen will confirm that you have answered all the questions correctly

  • Download the Flipkart mobile app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Log into the app using your existing account or create a new account.
  • Once you are logged in to the app, look for the games section in the bottom row.
  • Tap on games and navigate to Daily Trivia.
  • Click on the banner to enter the Daily Trivia contest.
  • On the first screen, click on “Start Survey” to enter the contest.
  • The next five steps are to answer five questions accurately.
  • At the end, you will see a confirmation if all of your answers are correct.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz: What prize can you win?

Flipkart Daily Trivia is designed as a fun platform and thus prizes are not that great. By participating in this contest, you can win gems, supercoins and sometimes over 1 lakh in the form of prizes. The winners have claimed super coins and gems as part of this contest. It is usually credited within 15 days of the contest and the winner is announced immediately.

You can check the gems and rewards earned by tapping on the top right corner section called Gems. It will show your total balance. You can convert your gems into supercoins, which can then be used to shop on the platform. Flipkart Plus membership can also be purchased using supercoins.

What is the difference between Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz and Amazon Daily Quiz

Amazon Daily Quiz, Amazon Daily Quiz Answers

Flipkart Daily Trivia can be described as an answer to Amazon Daily Quiz from Indian e-commerce platform. However, it is not a direct rip off and has some differences. The biggest difference is in the timing of the quiz event. The Flipkart Daily Trivia is technically held for a period of 24 hours while Amazon Daily Quiz is held for a period of just four hours. On Amazon Daily Quiz, the winner is selected using a lucky draw.

Flipkart Daily Trivia, on the other hand, has a total of 5,000 winners and they are selected on the first come first serve basis. If you are one of the first 5,000 participants to answer all the questions correctly then you become eligible to claim a reward. Flipkart Daily Trivia also does not offer prizes that are as attractive as the one found on Amazon Funzone.

In a nutshell, the odds of winning on Flipkart Daily Trivia is not as good as Amazon Daily Quiz. The questions fall on the difficult side and there is a clock ticking for you to answer the questions correctly. Even if you answer all the questions correctly, you will need to be among the first 5,000 participants to claim a reward. Another difference being that when you answer the question, Flipkart does not show immediately whether it is right or wrong.

On Amazon Daily Quiz, the moment you tap on the answer, it becomes clear whether you selected the correct answer or not. On Flipkart, after you answer all the questions, it shows whether you answered correctly. The participants might find themselves blindsided in this process.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz contest: terms and conditions

  1. Flipkart shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising due to participation by any person in this contest.
  2. Flipkart will not entertain any correspondence regarding the validity of this contest.
  3. Flipkart does not endorse the products sold on the platform.
  4. The contest shall be subject to the Income Tax Act, 1961 and all disbursements shall be subject to TDS as applicable.
  5. The participants also agree to indemnify and keep Flipkart or the sellers harmless against all damages, liabilities, cost, expenses, claims, suits and proceedings.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 25)

  • Gharanas
  • House
  • Salman Khan
  • Ricky Kej
  • Rajendra Kumar

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 24)

  • A horse
  • Schizophrenia
  • Nilgiris
  • Rajput
  • His aunt

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 23)

  • Rohit Sharma
  • Harbhajan Singh
  • Real Madrid
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Hima Das

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 22)

  • Kajol
  • Rishi Kapoor
  • Satyajit Ray
  • 24
  • Beethoven

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 21)

  • Tuesday
  • Pepper
  • RAW
  • Amazon
  • Raipur

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 20)

  • Martin Guptill
  • Sharad Pawar
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Tripura
  • Mary Kom

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 19)

  • Pokemon
  • Shiva ka Insaaf
  • Sachin Khedekar
  • Eminem
  • Persis Khambatta

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz answers today (January 18)

  • Francis
  • Andaman and Nicobar
  • Leprosy
  • Smartphone
  • Face Unlock
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