Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer: how it works, eligibility, FAQs, and more

One of the leading e-commerce websites in India, Flipkart offers mobile exchange offer to its customers. As part of this offer, customers can trade their old smartphones for a discount on a new mobile device. The discount applicable varies depending upon the brand and model of the smartphone you wish to trade.

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However, not everyone is aware of the offer and how it work. In case you are planning to buy a new device and your old smartphone is still in working condition, you can get a good discount on your new purchase. Here we will tell you all about Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer, how it works, and answer commonly asked questions.

What is Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer?

Customers can use Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer to get discount on new purcahse

Customers can use Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer to get discount on new purchase

As mentioned before, the Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer enables customers to trade their old smartphones for a new one. While the exchange offer doesn’t get you 100 percent off on the new purchase, you will get a hefty discount depending on the model. In case you want a new smartphone or simply wish to upgrade your current device, you avail the exchange offer.

Flipkart assures the best value for your old device and promises a hassle-free doorstep pickup of the old device. Customers need to ensure that their old device is in working condition with the packaging and all accessories available.

How does Flipkart Mobile Exchange work?

Flipkart offers easy exchange offer on smartphones

Flipkart offers easy exchange offer on smartphones

To exchange your old smartphone for a new one, customers have to follow a few simple steps. Below are the steps to buy a new smartphone through the Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer.

  1. Go to the product page of the smartphone you wish to purchase
  2. Click on the ‘Buy with exchange’ button on the right-hand side of the product image
  3. Select your old mobile brand and corresponding model from the drop-down
  4. Enter the IMEI number (dial *#06#) of the old device
  5. Flipkart will show you the new price with the exchange value deducted from the original price
  6. If you are okay with the new price, click on ‘Exchange and buy’ and proceed to make the payment

Flipkart Mobile Exchange offer: FAQs

Is it safe to exchange phone on Flipkart?

Yes, it’s completely safe and easy to exchange phones on Flipkart through the Mobile Exchange offer. The e-commerce will arrange for doorstep pick up of the old phone and deliver the new device. You just have to make sure to provide the same phone that you gave details of and in working condition.

Can I exchange with any new phone on Flipkart?

No. Flipkart offers mobile exchange offer only on select products on the website. You will see ‘Buy with exchange’ option on eligible models.

How can I deliver the old phone to Flipkart?

You don’t have to ship the old product as Flipkart will arrange for a doorstep pickup of the old device. One of the Flipkart personnel will come and pick the device from your address.

Can I exchange more than one device with Flipkart Exchange?

No, you can only exchange one device against one purchase. Additionally, you can only exchange the mobile for which you provided details at the time of availing the offer.

Will I get the right price for my old device under the Flipkart Exchange offer?

Flipkart assures that the exchange offer gives a fair price for the old device. According to the website, its experts have created a pro-rate value against every mobile that can be exchanged on Flipkart.

If I return the new smartphone, will my old device be returned to me?

No, you will get a refund of the amount paid by you but unfortunately, the old device cannot be shipped back to you.

Can I exchange my old smartphone even if it’s not in working condition?

No, in order for the successful exchange and get your new smartphone, make sure that the old device is in working condition.

Why is my old smartphone valued lower in the Flipkart exchange offer?

There are various conditions that can reduce the value of your old smartphone. These include cracks on the screen, screen coming out of the body, touchscreen issues, discolouration, and dead pixels. Moreover, if the body is bent, bulging, misshapen, or missing components, it will reduce the exchange value.

Why was my Flipkart exchange rejected?

Your Flipkart exchange will be rejected if the phone doesn’t switch on, it’s a different phone than the one mentioned in the exchange offer, the screen lock or iCloud lock is not removed, and IMEI doesn’t match.

In case my old device is found ineligible, can I still get the new product?

Yes, you can still get your new product by paying the difference amount (discount provided for the exchange) in cash at the time of delivery.

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