Flipkart offers BuyBack for Moto g5 Plus

On: March 15, 2017

Flipkart has announced a BuyBack plan for the Moto g5 Plus ahead of its launch today in India. The E-commerce player which is the exclusive seller for this smartphone has offered a BuyBack Guarantee on it.

Under this programme, Flipkart promises to buy back the Moto g5 Plus back from the customers at an assured price when they make their next smartphone purchase. Flipkart claims that it helps consumers protect the value of their current smartphone and getting the best value when upgrading to the next device.

The BuyBack offer will offer an assured price of Rs 7,000 for the Moto g5 Plus after 6 to 8 months. To avail this BuyBack offer, users will have to purchase it for Rs 1199 at the time of purchase. Users will be eligible for this BuyBack price only when they buy their next Motorola smartphone from Flipkart.

There are certain conditions that need to be met when exchanging the smartphone. The Moto g5 has to be in working condition with the screen intact. Along with it, the customer will need to return the original box (intact condition), original charger and original accessories in working condition. Moto g5 Plus won’t retain the assured Rs 7,000 price after 8 months.

We think the BuyBack offer isn’t ‘value for money’ as the assured price is half of the retail price. The customer also has to pay Rs 1200 upfront for the cashback offer. The offer is only available when the user buys another Motorola phone from Flipkart. The same offer is not available on any other brand of smartphone thereby locking users to Motorola. It is important to note that customers will be able to fetch a higher value selling the phone elsewhere.

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