Flipkart quiz answers today: full list of Flipkart quizzes to play and win exciting prizes

Flipkart Game Zone is the answer to Amazon Funzone and it is an attempt by the company to challenge Amazon in the Indian market. While Amazon is an everything store offering everything from shopping to content, Flipkart does not want to be left behind in this next big competition. In order to compete, Flipkart introduced new sections to its main app including Videos and Game Zone where it wants to collate video and gaming content to compete with Amazon Prime. Flipkart Video was brought to the application in late 2019 but the platform has since grown.

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The e-commerce company leveraged games and video content as a new way to engage with its customers in May last year. It was also when Flipkart app was updated to give these sections a prominent position. From the launch of Kya Bolti Public, the first interactive game show on Flipkart, the games and video section has evolved in a big way. Those who play these contests also stand a chance to become Mahaplayer, which is equivalent to a leader board for all contests held on Flipkart.

Flipkart Game Zone: list of quiz contests

If you open your Flipkart app, you will notice multiple tabs at the bottom end of the application. One of those tabs is marked as Game Zone, also known as Flipkart Game Zone. This section is where you will see Flipkart hosts various contents and fun games that you might want to play to kill boredom or explore how the old school games still remain fun to play in this modern world.

One can say that Game Zone is Flipkart’s answer to Amazon Funzone, which is a section for daily and other types of quiz. On this section, Flipkart hosts various games including those which test your general knowledge or the video-based interactive quizzes. Here is a look at all the games being held on Flipkart Game Zone.

  1. Flipkart Daily Trivia
  2. Flipkart Kya Bolti Public
  3. Flipkart Fake or Not Fake
  4. Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai
  5. Flipkart FYI (For Your Information) Quiz
  6. Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal

Flipkart Daily Trivia

Flipkart Daily Trivia is one of the most popular contests on the Game Zone section of the app. It is a text-based contest where a total of five questions are asked and you get four options. All you need to do is choose the right option to win. The contest goes live at 12am on each day and is being held till 11:59pm. With this contest, you stand a chance to win gems and supercoins. If you want to test your general knowledge then Flipkart Daily Trivia is a good place to start.

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public

Flipkart Kya Bolti Public was introduced as the first interactive video contest by the Walmart-owned e-commerce company. Since it is a contest and also a video one, it is available on both the Game Zone as well as the Video section of the app. In this contest, a host will ask three questions and you need to match your answer with the opinion of people surveyed by the organisers ahead of time. You will get 10 seconds and two options to decide. This quiz also starts at 12am and goes on till 11:59pm. From a product to Flipkart gift voucher to supercoins, there is something for everyone.

Flipkart Fake or Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not

This can be dubbed as one of the funniest shows of all since the host tries to make it entertaining. Flipkart Fake or Not Fake is all about identifying where a statement is fake or not fake. There are three questions with two options and a total of 10 seconds to choose the right answer. The contest starts at 12am and ends at 11:59pm on each day. The winners get a product like smartphone or earbuds, Flipkart gift voucher or minimum assured prize of supercoins.

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Quiz

Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai is called the shopping show where two hosts take you on a shopping journey. These hosts ask you questions related to various products and you need to guess the right price. From smartphones to home decor to trekking equipment, all categories are covered. There are a total of three questions and four options and you get 10 to 15 seconds to answer them. The quiz starts at 12am and ends at 11:59pm on each day and winners get a product or gift voucher or supercoin.

Flipkart FYI (For Your Information) QuizFlipkart FYI For Your Information Quiz

Flipkart FYI (For Your Information) Quiz is one of the newest quizzes on the platform. This is another general knowledge quiz but is done in the form of a video contest and not text. The host will ask three questions and give four options with 15 seconds to answer them. At the end of each question, you will know the right answer and win either a product, supercoin or a gift voucher. This contest also starts at 12am and goes on till 11:59pm each day.

Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal

Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal Quiz

The most recent addition to Game Zone is Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal. This contest is all about helping 10 girls find their next date. This is called a 30-day contest and during the game show, the host will ask questions and you need to choose the right option. The number of questions varies from two to four and you get 10 seconds to answer them. Everyday at 12am, there is a new episode which concludes at 11:59pm. The winners get devices such as a smartphone or an audio product, supercoins and Flipkart gift voucher.

List of all Flipkart quiz contests

Quiz NameTimingsMode of QuizAssured Rewards
Flipkart Daily Trivia12am to 11:59pmTextFlipkart Gems
Flipkart Kya Bolti Public12am to 11:59pmVideoFlipkart Supercoins
Flipkart Fake or Not12am to 11:59pmVideoFlipkart Supercoins
Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai12am to 11:59pmVideoFlipkart Supercoins
Flipkart FYI12am to 11:59pmVideoFlipkart Supercoins
Flipkart Dating Aaj Kal12am to 11:59pmVideoFlipkart Supercoins
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