Flipkart SmartPack offer: is it worth buying a smartphone with this new offer, pros and cons, and more

Flipkart has introduced the Flipkart SmartPack Offer, its latest smartphone buying program. Consumers who purchase new smartphones as part of the SmartPack program will be eligible for 100 percent money back after a stipulated period of time. Users will need to pay the price of the smartphone upfront and then a fixed charge for the SmartPack every month to be eligible for 100 percent moneyback.

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If you are wondering why do you have to pay the full price of the device as well as a monthly as well, fret not. For the monthly charge, Flipkart is offering benefits like subscriptions to VOOT Select, SonyLIV, ZEE5 Premium, Zomato Pro, Tinder+, and Gana Plus, among many others. Additionally, users will be eligible to get freebies up to Rs 20,000 from major fashion, food, and hospitality brands. Here’s everything you need to know about Flipkart SmartPack.

What is Flipkart SmartPack?

Smartphone buyers can now avail 100 percent money back on their purchases with the Flipkart SuperPack offer

Smartphone buyers can now avail 100 percent money back on their purchases with the Flipkart SmartPack offer

As mentioned before, the Flipkart SmartPack is a new smartphone buying program by the e-commerce website, where customers can get back the full cost of the smartphone after either 12 or 18 months, whichever the customer selects. The SmartPack offer will go live from January 17th at 12pm.

Users will be able to choose from Gold, Silver, and Bronze packs, with varying percentages of money back. As part of the program, customers will need to pay for the smartphone they wish to purchase and select the desired time period for their SmartPack. During this time period, users will need to pay a fixed monthly charge, which varies depending on the pack they choose starting at Rs 399.

Once the SmartPack time period is over, customers can return the purchased smartphone to Flipkart and get money back in their bank account. However, the money back is subject to whether the smartphone is in working condition or not. Flipkart states on the offer page that as long as the phone turns on and the IMEI number is visible on the phone screen, the return will be accepted.

Flipkart SmartPack: how to get 100 percent moneyback?

Users can simply pick their preferred SmartPack at the time of smartphone purchase

Users can simply pick their preferred SmartPack at the time of smartphone purchase

There’s no need to sign up for the program separately to be able to avail the money back. Users can simply select their preferred SmartPack at the time of purchase and make payment. Below are the steps to get 100 percent moneyback through the Flipkart SmartPack program.

  1. Login to your Flipkart account
  2. Choose the smartphone you wish to purchase
  3. Pick a Flipkart SmartPack of your choice (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
  4. Select duration (12 months or 18 months)
  5. Pay for your smartphone upfront
  6. Pay the stipulated monthly service charge
  7. Return the phone in working condition after 12 or 18 months as per your SmartPack
  8. Flipkart will credit the amount as per the pack selected, to the same bank account from which purchase was made

Flipkart SmartPack: Gold pack, Silver pack, and Bronze pack explained

Flipkart has categorised the SuperPack offer in Gold, Silver, and Bronze packs

Flipkart has categorised the SmartPack offer into Gold, Silver, and Bronze packs

There are three tiers of Flipkart SmartPacks, namely Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These plans offer 100 percent, 80 percent, and 60 percent of the price paid for the smartphone. All three packs can be availed for either 12 months or 18 months. The Gold pack requires users to pay Rs 879 monthly charge for the duration of the pack. The Bronze and Silver packs come with a monthly charge of Rs 699 and Rs 399, respectively.

Flipkart SmartPack: freebies and benefits

For the monthly charge, the Flipkart SmartPack buyer will get a host of benefits and freebies each month. Flipkart has listed several services like Tinder+, Practo, EROS Now, Gaana Plus, Zomato Pro, ZEE5 Premium, SonyLIV, and VOOT Select, among others. Flipkart SmartPack users will be able to use these services for a month every time they pay the monthly charge.

Additionally, users will get freebies and deals up to Rs 20,000 from brands like Chai Point, Barbeque Nation, Uber, Myntra, Lifestyle, and U.S. Polo Assn.

Flipkart SmartPack: pros and cons

Like every other offer in the market, Flipkart SmartPack comes with its own set of pros and cons. Listed below are what’s good and what’s not

Flipkart SmartPack: pros

  1. You get your money back after the stipulated time
  2. In case you don’t want to return the device, you are still eligible for partial money back
  3. Multiple services and offers provided for the monthly maintenance charge
  4. You can return the phone in any condition as long as it turns on
  5. You can trade-in your old phone or use Buyback Guarantee for a discounted price, but still get the full money back on your purchase

Flipkart SmartPack: cons

  1. Flipkart SmartPack is not available across India
  2. Not all services and third-party merchants are available in all regions, so SmartPack benefits may not be the same for all
  3. In case you don’t use partner service providers or third-party merchant offers, you effectively end up paying slightly more than the actual value of the phone
  4. In case you avail bank offers or an ongoing discount, you will be eligible for money back on the discounted price
  5. You cannot switch or upgrade your SmartPack from 12 months to 18 months and vice versa

Flipkart SmartPack: FAQs

How can I buy a phone with Flipkart SmartPack?

You can easily buy a phone with Flipkart SmartPack by going to the Value Store section on the product page and clicking on the Flipkart Smartpack option.

Is Flipkart SmartPack available all over India?

Currently, the Flipkart SmartPack program is available only in select pin codes, and therefore, it’s advised to check the availability in your pin code before making the purchase. Additionally, not all services provided by the SmartPack are available in all regions, so the overall pack benefits and prices may vary depending on the pin code.

Why can’t I see Flipkart SmartPack on the desktop website?

The Flipkart Smartpack can only be brought from the Flipkart app or the mobile site. It is not available on the desktop site.

How much do I need to pay at the time of purchasing the smartphone with Flipkart SmartPack?

At the time of purchasing a smartphone with Flipkart SmartPack, you’ll be required to pay the price of the smartphone as well as the first-month charge for the SmartPack. For example, if you purchase a smartphone worth Rs 10,000 and choose the Gold SmartPack of Rs 879, you’ll have to pay Rs 10,879 at the time of purchase.

Can I club a bank offer with Flipkart SmartPack?

Yes, you can avail bank offer on your smartphone purchase with Flipkart SmartPack. However, do bear in mind that the discounted price will be considered for the money back and not the actual price of the device. For example, if you purchase a smartphone worth Rs 10,000 for Rs 8,000 using a bank offer, Flipkart will consider Rs 8,000 for the moneyback.

Can I use Flipkart Exchange offer or Buyback guarantee while buying a new phone with Flipkart SmartPack?

Yes, you can buy a smartphone with Flipkart SmartPack with the Exchange offer or Buyback Guarantee. The value of the old phone or the guaranteed buyback value will be adjusted against the price of the new device. At the end of the tenure, you will get the money back on the full price of the new Device and not the reduced value.

What will happen if I stop paying Flipkart SmartPack monthly charge in between the tenure?

In case you stop paying the Flipkart SmartPack monthly charges in between the tenure, you will no longer be eligible for the money back at the end of the tenure. Additionally, all services and freebies as part of the SmartPack will be revoked.

When do I have to return the device purchased through Flipkart SmartPack?

In case you have opted for the 12-month plan, you can choose to return the device after the 11th month, and in the case of the 18-month plan, you can choose to return after the 17th month.

At the time of returning the Flipkart SmartPack smartphone purchase, what all do I need to return?

You will need to return the smartphone in working condition, the box of the smartphone, and all accessories provided with the device. In case you lose the box, Flipkart will reduce Rs 500 from the amount to be returned and in case the charger is lost, Flipkart will deduct Rs 300.

I don’t want to return the smartphone, will I still get money back from Flipkart SmartPack?

In case you lose the smartphone or wish to keep it, you will still be eligible for partial money back in your bank account. The Gold SmartPack members will get 60 percent of the price paid, Silver users will get 40 percent, and Bronze users will get 20 percent of the total value.

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